Level 22 Guild <C C> for Sale


<C C>
Level 22 Guild is up for grabs!

The guild includes...
- 9/12 raid achievements in current content.
- 7th guild tab
- Armadillo pup companion pet
- Cauldron of Battle
- 640 total achievement points

Most of our members have recently merged with another guild to form a 25-man raiding guild, so we have left our home.

Asking price is 70,000 gold (this price is non-negotiatble) to be distributed to officers and core members who put their hard work and time into this guild (6 months of Cataclysm and a year and a half total).

If you are interested (serious offers only), please send an in-game mail or tell to Bloodghast.


good luck, brah!
I'll give 5gold and a chicken wing!
Good luck with that!
ill do 25k but more than that :/ eh
I'll give you 6gold for it (non-negotiable).

k, give!
Send me mail in game, want to talk about this offer
I remember this guilds creation... sad to see it go :(
I'll pay 65k for it. Msg me in game or in the thread if its still available.
Ah i see its non negotiable, 70k it is.
Just Curious if this guild has sold yet?
Im interested if ur still selling - goldkoi2@gmail.com. Email me. thats not realID. Or send me an in-game mail.

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