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I use to play WoW on a windows PC, upgrading to a mac that i am highly proud of and confident can run WoW effectively, it seems the patching and download for the game itself is taking too long. Its been day 2 now and the game is still downloading. Though "available" to play, the download is taking far too long. Any suggestions on how to speed up the process or why its doing so? The patcher explains my firewalls are up though they are not.
Try turning off P2P downloads to make it allocate as much bandwidth as possible to just the connection to Blizzard's Akamai streaming servers.

Also turn on "Don't throttle background download" to make it hog the bandwidth on your computer thereby speeding up things a bit.

Of course if you're willing to risk it you could always copy the Data folder over from your Windows install. Run the repair on the windows install first and make sure you have the latest version of the Launcher on the Mac and it should be right. Be sure to wipe the file in the WTF folder as well as wow.mfil & wow.tfil in the main wow folder to make it re-evaluate how much you have downloaded.

As it is with any advanced tinkering be sure to take appropriate back ups first.
Dude its sooo long i need help its been about an hour and its onlydownloaded 100mb anyother solutions besides the ones you have given me thank you
How are you connecting to the internet? If you are going through a Wi-Fi or a Cellular Network (3G/4G), I would suggest connecting through the Ethernet cable directly hooked up to your modem by-passing the router. Are you on a school home or work network? If so, test a different network.

Let us know if this is helpful or not.
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im on a netgear router connected wifi it is projecting my download to take up to 50 hours is this why?
02/20/2012 09:47 AMPosted by Partysham
im on a netgear router connected wifi it is projecting my download to take up to 50 hours is this why?

possibly, it's more likely p2p is on and your connection is poor for it, or you don't have good port mapping. Enabling upnp could help in the router itself, trying a wired connection could help or at least getting closer to it.
It could also be that your on a slow download / upload network.

Some DSL connections download rates are as low as 768k. They can say that this is a high speed network because they definition of high speed has not changed in over a decade.


Broadband Internet access, often shortened to just "broadband" and also known as high-speed Internet, is a term describing a service that provides a bit-rate supported is higher than (or considerably higher than) a 56 kbit/s modem.

If possible do a speed test. Go to and test to the closet server to you. Make sure that when you run the speed test that your not trying to download the blizzard client as it will skew the results.

i have a feeling thats whats causing your issue.


now for the geek stuff. If you are trying to download wow. I think the latest download of every thing is close to 12 gigs. It would take you close to 40 hours to download it all with that slow of a connection.

Here is the math.

Lets say you have a 768k DSL service. This is of course me assuming. And well we all know what that does but lets have some fun.

12 gigs = 100663296kbs or kilo bits per second

so a connection speed of 768k normally runs around 600k. So we take 100663296kilobits and divide that by 60 and we get 167,772.16 Thats how many seconds that it will take for your download to happen.

take the 167,772.16 seconds and divide that by 60 and you get how many minutes it will take.

2796.20 minutes. take that and divide by 60 and thats how many hours its going to take.

46.60 hours.

Now this is all assuming that your connection is giving 600kbs constant. You might get faster or slow. if you want to geek out with this as well you can check the information on this site.
And it's probably best to bypass the router all together and see if that helps.

Bypassing the router
    1. Unplug the power to your modem.
    2. Follow the ethernet cable from the modem to the router. Unplug it from the router.
    3. Plug this end into your computer.
    4. Plug the power back into your modem and let it start up.
    5. Restart your computer.
    6. Test.

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whats this turning of p2p? my download is taking forever, part of it is im on vacation in the northwoods with super slow internet any suggestions on how to speed it up?
It has been nearly 5 days now since I started my download and I am hardwired. It says it has yet another 20.92 GB remaining @ 7 kb/s and I am with bell canada. It has allowed me to play some of it and I want to play more of it but not until its completed. Please help.
Hi Chrissymarie, that is really slow, and there should be a way to speed that up. What have you tried from the suggestions in this thread so far? Can you post more about your connection? There will probably be some adjustments we can make to speed it up.

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when downloading the launcher, in the options menu - what should the recommended kb/s be? The default is 100 but that cant be right as it would take days to download at that rate
The default rate for Future patch data is indeed 100 KB/s, as that is intended for downloading upcoming, or future patches, over a period of several weeks, to minimize impact on gameplay.

The default for Latest updates, above that, is 0 KB/s, which is unlimited.

How has your download rate been for the last few patches, Whatababazee?

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