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If they want us to do RBGs (I can never find a group), they should add battlegrounds designed only for RBGs. Maybe more players would use the system if it offered new maps or different mechanics and goals, vanity rewards or gold, something other than what we do to grind honor except against better geared opponents. Even if this is implemented, I'll probably still only do arena/heroics for conquest on my toons. People like arenas so much because it's competitive and a lot easier to find one more teammate than 9 or 14.

Plus, the 'new' BGs for Cata are just WSG and AB with different maps. TB is a glorified version of the Hellfire Peninsula daily. I half-expected the ground vehicles introduced in BGs for WOTLK to progress to boats, submarines, or airplanes (flying mounts) for Cata. Blizz should entice us to do RBGs, not force us.
It just really saddens me that Rated Battlegrounds were touted as an end game PvP alternative to arena. An addition for those that prefer the objective-based gameplay of Battlegrounds as opposed to the deathmatch style of Arenas. Both would be viable paths to take in order to acquire gear and rewards and you could choose based on your desired style of play.

Isn't that the point of MMORPGs? To choose how to play them? Not be told how to play?

I don't log onto these forums too terribly often, but patch after patch, I find myself shaking my head and palming my face, silently questioning how these notes even make it on the PTR -- and more often than not, eventually on live. I won't be silent this time.

It's entirely understandable that you want to see further participation in Rated Battlegrounds. I was quite excited about the concept when it was revealed sometime last year. However, the reality of the matter is that the metagame has devolved into a mess of healers keeping tanks alive. With healing throughput being buffed in 4.2, this problem is only going to be worse. Spending 20 minutes wailing on a wall of forever filling health is not entertaining in the slightest. With the way rated BGs currently stand, forcing (not encouraging - forcing) me to partake in them to keep up with the gear curve will not work. The system is flawed, and shoving me into it will have me canceling my subscription far faster than partaking in it.

Want to give rated BGs more points per win? That's fine. You'll see much higher participation levels if, say, you only had to win a handful of rated BGs to cap out on conquest points. Your casual playerbase might pile in on that, with hopes of doing ~5 rated BGs through the week at their leisure. Those that enjoy Arenas can continue to slog through 10-20+ wins, depending on their rating, and they'll actually get to ENJOY playing the game.

If you want to get players interested in actually participating in rated BGs, find some method of dealing with the 1 tank 4-5 healer setup. One method could be applying the flag carrier debuff at a smaller chunk amung allies within a certain radius. At least this way, it would be a reasonable option to pick off the swarm of healers bit by bit, and would also give teams a viable option to pick up a few more DPSers instead of queueing with nearly 50% healers.

I'm sure there are other far more creative means to handle the situation, but forcing players into rated BGs to be competitive in arenas is NOT the answer. Please do not go through with this change. There has to be a different method of making this work without shoving players into content that they have zero interest in.
This is just another decision made by the accountants. Players are not using the RBG system which we, the accountants, let the developers work on for a month or so. Thusly the money spent on its development is currently a losing venture, Blizzard can't lose.
05/13/2011 04:34 AMPosted by Dreadlycan
if you don't want to do them, don't


05/13/2011 04:34 AMPosted by Dreadlycan
Enough said

and This
05/13/2011 06:47 AMPosted by Ganning
This is just another decision made by the accountants. Players are not using the RBG system which we, the accountants, let the developers work on for a month or so. Thusly the money spent on its development is currently a losing venture, Blizzard can't lose.

They're lost assets anyway if players would rather quit than play them. This just feels like they're throwing good money after bad.
Here's some free feedback.

Rated Battlegrounds suck. I used to enjoy battlegrounds in previous expansions. If I wanted a bit of pvp action I could queue up whenever I wanted and get right into the action.

When I heard about rated BGs, I was looking forward to being able to get access to the best pvp gear through doing what I enjoyed. I thought that over length of a season my wins and general performance in BGs would be accessed, and if I'd worked hard and had more wins than the average person I'd get rewarded for it.

The way rated BGs were implemented seemed lazy, and doesn't fit in with the experience of battlegrounds I've had since the start of the game. Regular BGs are pretty much dead, botting is worse than ever and because you're playing the less-good level of BGs they soon seem pointless.

A strong point of wow's pvp is the ability to jump in and enjoy it. You can't do that with rated BGs. I don't think the raid mentality works in BGs. And until I can quickly jump in and play rated BGs I will consider them a failed feature and won't be interested in playng them.

Frankly we need to be able to get into rated BGs by queueing individually, or at least in smaller groups.
Taddyporter, you're missing the point. Blizz is forcing us to run rated BG's now to get the same amount of CP we used to get with only running arena's.

Good luck finding a RBG pug with your fresh 85's sitting at zero resilience.
I am all about level playing fields, and not PvPing for gear - rewards are great, yes, but give me the gear to be level and let me play for rewards that are cooler than high stat maxed buff super enchanted armor. The gearing process takes way too long if you cannot be in realm 24/7 and are trying to pug rbgs. Not getting a pug on any given day for the 1 hour I have to play means scoring a wopping 25 CPs for that day. Go add up how long it will take me to be fully geared in vicious.

And you arena junkies, do not say "go cap your points in arena" - I do not like arena. I do not do arena. Same as a instance goers who prefer 5s over 10s or 25s over 5s. That is why the option is there.

So, yes, I would love the ability to queue for RBGs through a group finder.

Thanks for trying to make my game experience even better, Blizz. Love WoW and love the support.

Just gotta love the people coming in here trying to relate this to pve.

You know whats awesome about pve? New guilds can just jump on in at any time. You aren't forced to do HEROIC MOOOODE right off the bat. People can wear those rep\crafted 359s and dungeon blues and sc#*@# by farther and farther every week. If they are competent enough, they can probably even get close to finishing the easier raids on the first week.

You know whats not really the same about pvp midway through an expansion? Get a group of people together in full honor with whatever vicious they have from weekly cap from arenas and queue them up for a rated. Let them all be in vent, focused and ready to play.
They will get absolutely crushed by the team in more or less full vicious doing rated since day one. (You know, most of the teams that actually still do RBGs).

There is no, damn guys, we wiped because during the phase transition blah blah blah. Lets get on back in there and do it right. Or far more likely, gkick that stupid guy who caused that wipe and pull someone else in.

There is, Damn guys, there was really jack @%## we could have done this month because our gear is not the same as the guys who've been getting a leg up on us doing this for the last few months.

In pve, bosses stay the same.
In pvp, players get ahead.

I mean, in the end, same as it ever was right?
Just gonna have to queue past the terrible crushing defeats because of an oversight/design flaw that means in order to get the gear to play with the big boys you gotta get smacked around a bit.

Lets just all have a moment of silence for the pvpers on smaller servers.
It seems like an effort to try and justify the resources put into the new RBG system via the "whether you like it or not" method (those who want to stay competitive will feel forced, atleast some of them, to do both arena and RBG. It's akin to your boss cutting your pay from $25/hr to $15/hr out of the blue and then telling you that you can still get the $10/hr you lost, but you're gonna have to give him a *cough* everyday. Apparently cutting the conquest per arena game in half wasn't enough.
I do quite well in both 3s and RBG, but I would never support a concept that would have me having to prioritize my RBG activity above my arena activity in order to maximize my progression. I do RBG's strictly out of either boredom, something to pass the time, or to help friends (and I do it at a very decent MMR, we've fought Reckful's team a few times).

To put this into perspective watch reckful's team in RBGs sometimes. His team AFK's half the game until the debuff is up enough to attempt a zerg on the EFC.

AFK. Then they rush in, without CC and beat the living *%## out of the EFC.
Being a full time working man, I like being able to do arena. I've done a few rated BG's and they were not that fun. Most of them had a set time for the team to meet. Kind of like a raid...I don't like to raid. I like PVP because I can come and go when I please without leaving 9 or 24 other people hanging. I don't mind having to work a little harder for gear. What bothers me is that I feel like Blizz is making me work harder because they want something to work that currently is not. I'm sure Blizz can think of other ways to increase rated BG activity. Make points that you only get for doing Rated Bg's, give players Rated BG only mounts, weapons,trinks, pets, etc. There has to be a better way to go about this.

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