RBG Healers and Overall Strategies

First off I've been looking for some sites/blogs that cover RBG information such as popular team comps and overall strategies for each bg, and was looking for some links.

Ok the important stuff.

I sometimes help lead one RBG group and am in charge of my guilds RBG team for completing guild challenges. I'm looking for ~1 paragraph summaries about the strengths and weaknesses of all the healer specs in PVP. I'm looking for the following information:
*solo survivability
*cooldowns that are useful for pvp/ flag carrier healing
*offensive capabilities in a pvp spec
*and what the best role for that healer in BfG/AB (offense or defense) and in TP/WSG (FC or offense)
*anything else you feel is important to know.

This information will hopefully help me and others who lead RBG's to make snap decisions in the heat of battle.

The specs: Disc Priest, Holy Priest, Resto Shaman, Holy Paladin, Resto Druid

The thought of people actually discussing the notion of strategy regarding this makes sad for humanity.
05/15/2011 01:31 PMPosted by Lodum
The thought of people actually discussing the notion of strategy regarding this makes sad for humanity.

you should try some zoloft then
Arena and arena-BG forums have been combined and are --------that way------>

You might get more responses/feedback by posting in the arena forums as opposed to the BG forums.

The arena and rbg forums have not been combined. This is the forum to talk about all battleground related topics.
Thanks Wiggletoes. I'm looking for constructive feedback like that.

Also, does anyone know of any good RBG blogs/forums elsewhere? I don't see much on RBGs here.
I'm still looking for some other opinions and sites please.
I've been playing some rated BGs and I gotta say a priest is gold in there. Mana burn is a great way to break apart enemy healers. We also go offensive as easily as defensive, and that versatility is pure awesome.
Disc priest. Great utility. I mean, great. Good HOTS, nice damage mitigation, and surprisingly good burst dps. Prone to intelligent warriors and good frost mages. My favorite for defending the flag. Synergy with rogue is sick.

How so? Disc priests synergize(sp?) better with Mage's as far as I know. Blind and P.scream share a DR too. Smokebomb then p.scream when someone runs into it? iunno.
I have been looking for the same things, Iskande. I'll post the setup we have been running and I hope more discussion can be generated.

Composition: 3 ranged dps, 4 melee dps (1 tank), 3 healers
1. Paladin (holy)
2. Paladin (ret)
3. Shaman (resto)
4. Priest (discipline)
5. Warrior
6. Rouge
7. DK (frost/blood)
8. Druid (moonkin) or Warlock
9. Mage
10. Hunter
Lately we have also been running a fourth healer instead of the moonkin/lock.

On WSG/TP we send the DK as blood speced in to get the flag. If the opposing team intercepts, we stick together; if not, we peel off from our FC and intercept. In the event that both flags clear the field, we keep all 3 healers with the FC plus 1 dps and send the other 5 dps after our flag.

On Battle of Gilneas we leave the blood dk at the starter node (farm/stables; mine/lighthouse) and send the rest of the team out to cap contested flags (waterworks in gilneas, lumbermill/blacksmith in AB).

General tactics:
We have a main assist in each squad call targets which all of the melee follow. Mages/locks focus on control/ snares and then dps. Throwdown/HoJ + smokebomb takes down any healer. In the node BGs, the flag is constantly cleaved in large fights to ensure that no ninja caps take place.

We are just starting RBGs and most of us have only played a few dozen or so matches and have around 500-1000 RBG rating.

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