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Can we bring Melee dps?

Rewording better, A majority of the fights in T11 favored having little or no Melee dps, are there plans to fix this?
So far from public testing we've seen on PTR, a lot of the mechanics seem recycled. Can you possibly hint us at any new and exciting mechanics we might see?
What happened to the Abyssal Maw Dunegon that we heard about at Blizzcon I think it was, that was supposed to be released with the Firelands.
Will there be new dungeons to go along with the Firelands, or after it, maybe in 4.3?
Will we actually see a regrown Hyjal or is it just more fire and mobs.
The most anticipated boss in the Firelands raid besides Raggy himself is Fandral Staghelm, who has never been seen as a particularly positive character. Either he's whining that "Tyrande has no idea how to lead our people," or he's moody because his son died and he's taking it out on dragons. Now the arch druid serves the Firelord. Will we see anything resembling a sympathetic view of why he changed allegiances before he meets his demise, or will he suffer the same fate as so many lore characters before him?
Is there any plans for a Gating system or attunements for the Firelands, I know you have to be 12/12 to unlock Dragonwrath, but how about the actual Raid?
It's been said that accumulating fire resistance will not be necessary for the Firelands. Why? If you intend to phase out resistance gear, why not get rid of the stat? What point is there in having fire resistance if you can't stack it to prepare for an encounter with fire-based foes?
How are Tier 12-equivalent Archaeology epics being balanced around Firelands loot? Will we see items as powerful as Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds or Tyrande's Favorite Doll this time around?
I was wondering why the raid portal into ragnaros' lair is in Hyjal instead of in Firelands where it should be on the opposite side of the base questhub we create. I figured that rag's lair would have to be in the Firelands near the molten front but why in the ptr is it located in hyjal at the same portal for his mini base that we interact with at the end of the Hyjal questline?

In this case it's almost as if there would be no need to go to the molten front at all if the entrance to his base is right outside. Atleast if the raid was in the Firelands it would give the breach we make a greater meaning which would be to reach his lair and fight for a foothold to start to dismantle his army.
When T11 content was first launched, Majority of fights in 25 man were explicitly easier than the 10 man version, such as Nefarian, and almost every Heroic encounter. Can we expect to see the fights better balanced around not having a specific composition, a third tank, a DK, a plate DPS or a Demo Lock?
Are you taking sufficient steps to ensure that melee specs are not inferior to the majority of ranged specs come Firelands? Some multi-dotters are seeing small nerfs (balance and shadow, but not affliction), but high mobile ranged dps (see new lightning bolt glyph) seems to be given the "working as intended" stamp. What kind of fight mechanics and encounter designs do you have planned to make melee desired for more than stressful, unforgiving, "interrupt this every single time or wipe" handling?
Will people who are trying to level to 85 be able to catch up with others who will start Firelands without having to go through unnecessary gear progression?
Will there be a continued investment into the Fireland's story line. Meaning when dailies are completed by one faction more than another, or contributions made in some effort, will there be a related benefit to encourage time investment after the quest lines (outside of raid content) are played out?
Is Ragnaros gonna have a speech about setbacks?
Is there a date you can give us as far as a release of 4.2 yet?
Will you only be able to use ground mounts in the daily quest hub?

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