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Wait until they rework the whole subscription model:

WoW Basics
WoW Plus
WoW Premium

They may as well do it now the way they keep trying to nickel and dime their players on top of the flat subscription. If this was a F2P game, I would be okay with providing the additional money per month for a service such as this but this really needs to stop.

Blizzard has become a very greedy company and those who continue to throw wads of cash their way are responsible for this fiasco. They claim to be doing it for the players but, by the end of the day, it's all about the money which I am sure they already have enough of.
Blizzard, I have stuck with you through thick and thin, I have been playing your games since Rock and Roll racing when I was 5 years old. I have dealt with all the changes to WoW, I smiled at the good ones and I shrugged off the bad, but this is too far.

If this is implemented, even as a 'premium, non-essential' pay to use option, I will stop playing WoW after over 5 years of membership with nary more than 2 months off at a time ever. I have never threatened to stop playing before and have often laughed at people doing it, but I never expected to see something like this.

15$ a month is a lot of money. I realize you have servers to maintain and everything, but per person, per year, you're pulling in $180. 3 times the cost of an average brand new game. It can reasonably be expected that you would come out with incredible new content more often than the rate at which content patches are released, however, due to the quality of WoW and the repeatable content, the playerbase has accepted a slower release rate, which is ok. If I cared that much I would have said something years ago.... But now you're going to charge for something that isn't really even that great? No thanks, you've crossed a line there.
I am very dearly hoping that every time you introduce a new feature you will not be making it premium based, even if it is difficult. It is making me nervous.

Will true account bound boas be premium?

Updated character models?

You know? I don't like seeing too many for-pay items in a monthly subscription game. Even if it is cheap, it still just rubs me the wrong way.

edit- while this is not a deal breaker for me, it will make the next sort of premium feature you release harder for me to swallow.
I dont see me paying for this, other stuff like the pets and mounts and mobile action house were silly little non issues, i have many friends cross realm and would love this feature, but i already pay a monthly fee, no thanks
I'm not one to complain about Blizzard charging for the premium services such as faction change, realm transfer, remote AH, etc., but adding this feature as a premium service seems slightly absurd to me.

In my opinion, this feature should have been included with RealID when it was initially launched and deciding to implement it now as a paid service is nickel and diming AT BEST.

I already know of many people who transfer servers to play with real life friends, but at the same time there are many who don't because they don't want to or can't pay for it, have no desire to leave their current server, or both. Making the cross-server LFD a free service would give those in this position the ability to occasionally play with their friends when they otherwise wouldn't be able to.
Premium Services separates player base, in my eyes it creates a community that is better and a community that is normal. That is just a terrible idea to me, now this could be the only thing they add and I could be completely fine with it. I just have a sick feeling that this could escalate to something more.

Nobody is going to pay for this.

Don't be so sure. There are always people out there who spend money on this crap "because they have it." Sadly, some people don't care that this kind of thing shouldn't be costing extra money in a subscription based game.
I think this is a fine idea, and have no issue with it being a "premium" service. Blizz is offering the ability to do something that we can't do already, and stating on the outset that it will cost extra. It's not like they are making the existing LFD cost money, this is a completely new functionality.

If it isn't worth the money to you, then don't pay for it! Your gameplay experience will change by 0% if you do not pay for this service.
As a developer, I don't get how this is more complicated and thus means you need to charge for it.

Right now you randomly group people together by the needs of the party and who is available. You obviously have to narrow that down to a list of 5 members based on all kinds of statistics and variables.

With the Friends LFD, you KNOW EXACTLY who needs to be in that party. How is that MORE complicated? That's actually simpler.

Rawlee.Party[0] = Thrall.Mareeall
Rawlee.Party[1] = Garona.Goomba
Rawlee.Party[2] = Proudmoore.GobbleDeeDee

*scratches head*

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