Cross-Realm Dungeon Feature Coming Soon

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If it will take a premium subscription to cover the cost of development, then do not develop it in the first place.
Account unsubbed. First time in six years.

You may get me back if this entire in-game feature is not charged to us.

I agree. I seriously hope this premium based thing is reconsidered. If we do have to pay for it, you can say goodbye to my $15 a month, forever.

My image of Blizzard is already on thin ice, this would just break it.
i don't really care about this 1 feature here all that much. but if wow devolves into one of those korean cash shop mmo's where they nickle and dime you for every feature in the game i will be one of the first to drop it like a hot rock.

we dont need another maplestory.

"Premium-based" is corporate-speak for paid service.

Yes, but some elements suggests this is a smaller part of a larger offering, and some parts of that larger offering will be paid for services.
Sounds really cool ! I have a funny feeling though that blizzard will do the right thing though and make it free .
I was so excited by the first paragraph then so saddened after the second. The entire concept of "premium" is a slap in the face. You should have never mentioned you have the ability to do this if you couldn't do it for free.

I have no friends who will pay for this service. Then again, I don't make friends with money-to-burn morons.

Please stop letting Activision control you. It's getting old.
My opinion, but Blizzard is stretching themselves too thinly. How do I come to this conclusion?

The ongoing bugs that never seem to get resolved.

The BG queue is a big one that has affected a lot of people.

Multiple Rip Bugs on Feral Druid (along with a multitude of other ongoing Feral problems)
*Random Rip Bug where your Rip ticks for 100 to 5k dmg in 5mans instead of the 10k to 19k that's closer to normal
*Rip's actual duration not matching what the UI reports
*Rip not being allowed to overwrite itself despite Blizzard having changed most dots to favor clipping the last tick in the first place

I'm already paying to play a broken game.

Blizzard basically says "we read your posts, trust us, we read your posts."

Read Mine:

Fix the Bugs if you want to make money. I'm not sure how much longer I can put up with them.[/quote]


Search the forums so many people are having so many issues since 4.1 ranging from class/spec bugs to FPS drops and huge latency. All of the people posting are giving the specs of their PC's and all of them never had a problem before 4.1. I am saying this because it's more proof of what Torzak said they are spreading themselves thin. They have lost the connection between the people that play the game. WoW is old( I'm not implying it's a bad game at) but we all know what MMO's are coming out within the next year. Blizzard is nervous they need to get as much money as possible before they loose more subscribers.

That being said I'm upset that even this Idea has been brought up by Blizzard to make us pay for a service for something like this but I understand a company that makes $1.7 billion a year is gross profits doesn't make that much. Hey a brothers gotta eat
A one-time fee to unlock the option on the account I could understand (sort of), but an increase to the monthly subscription I already pay? No, I think not.

If Blizzard really wants to charge for every new service, they really need to think about adopting the F2P model.
I will not pay to Group with my realid friends on other servers. its just silly.
I don't understand the logic of some people. If you have basic cable and your cable company starts offering a premium of more channels, would you argue that you should get it for the same price? Where in the real world, can you demand more things for the same money you were paying before? Would it be nice if they didn't charge for it? sure....Is it acceptable for them to charge? Absolutely. This would be an optional feature. It's not like they are adding this in the game and raising the price of the monthly subscription. If you want this, then pay for it. If you don't want it, then don't pay for it. Just don't come here complaining how Blizzard needs to give you everything for free.
Great Idea. However, I will not pay for it. Thanks.

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