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I can understand a few paid services, for mobile apps and such, but I'm worried that more and more of these "premium services" will just make their way to the core aspects of the game, as this seems to be doing. Regardless, I won't be buying this if it makes it live.
05/17/2011 12:02 PMPosted by Nethaera
certain elements of the cross-realm Real ID party system will be premium-based

I'm not one of the F2P players, I'm in the 15/mo premium group. Do I get access to all of the elements/services?

In all seriousness, I really expect that cross-server will be available to all paying customers. And if you do make people pay, you should let them play cross-faction with one of those CoT disguises automatically in effect.
I might pay for this, if it's not soem crazy amount of money monthly. I have left a number of friends behind when I transferred, and still talk to them over RealID.

Now..let's get an appearance tab for $ too? :) I'd pay for it if $_$ does it for you to develop.

Would I prefer both to be included in the subscription? Yes. On the other hand, I realise that the sub's price hasn't been adjusted all those years due to inflation.
05/17/2011 02:22 PMPosted by Siinne
I don't understand the logic of some people. If you have basic cable and your cable company starts offering a premium of more channels, would you argue that you should get it for the same price? Where in the real world, can you demand more things for the same money you were paying before? Would it be nice if they didn't charge for it? sure....Is it acceptable for them to charge? Absolutely. This would be an optional feature. It's not like they are adding this in the game and raising the price of the monthly subscription. If you want this, then pay for it. If you don't want it, then don't pay for it. Just don't come here complaining how Blizzard needs to give you everything for free.

Tell me then, what exactly are we getting for our subscription fee? What updates, patches, and new features are immune from the "premium" tag?
I understand the pet and mount additions but at this rate im going to have to pay more money to blizz than should be needed i alrdy heard that they are planning to make us buy maps for sc2 aswell!

if i was to buy this i would want cross realm bg, arena, raid, and questing added to but 5 mans no way.
Non-official forums are abuzz with some pretty pissed off people right now.
What happened to blizzard? They were for the player before they went public.

I'm just confused...I paid money for the game liscenses, I've paid a monthly fee for over 5 years, I pay a puny 3 bucks a month for mobile guild chat, now I'm also going to have to pay to utilize this feature?

I'm sad that Blizzard became the man.

Slap in the face, man.

Plan on cancelling mobile guild chat based on principle. You give an inch and they take a yard.
I plan to let it be known I don't appreciate paying for the game, a sub, and the "premium" goodies.

This will hurt their coffers in the end.
I am definitely not a fan of premium services of this sort being implemented. This type of addition should be across the board for everyone to use. This isn't like a character transfer or a race change...
You probably wouldn't make this analogy if you knew how Cable providers functioned.

You're just comparing completely unrelated things.

Whether or not the analogy is perfect or not, it still stands. You pay for a subscription to play wow as it stands now. Blizzard is announcing a new service that because of its complexity and (let's face it: awesomeness) deserves a cost. It's not your job as the consumer to dictate what should be free or not. You can disagree with its price and not buy it...but demand it for free? It's ludicrous. No where in the real world can you do such a thing.
I was almost excited about this, until I saw that it's a premium service.

BTW, love that the ability to take full advantage of a service you pushed so strongly and are so proud of is now going to be a "premium" service. I can only imagine what things would look like if realID had made its way to the forums.... what's next, a monthly fee to post on the forums? Monthly fees for an avatar?
Tell me then, what exactly are we getting for our subscription fee? What updates, patches, and new features are immune from the "premium" tag?

You get to log on every day and play your characters on servers that need constant maintaining. Every few months you get new content. What else do you want? A free pony?
I'm just going to chime in and say that I strongly disagree with this feature being premium based. Other services, remote guild chat and mobile auction house, don't affect your interaction with friends and your potential to actually play with them.

I've always seen World of Warcraft as a highly social game, you make friends and you play with them and it gives you a reason to keep playing the game. If something happens like a friend transfers to join a guild with old friends with more convenient raid times on a different server, you either have to give up the ability to play with your other friends with the character that you want to transfer to join the one friend, or give up the ability to do anything with that one friend. Now we're seeing a feature that tears down that wall for at least the 5 man content, which is awesome, but only if you want to pay more money for a pay to play game.

I can understand the cost of services like the name changes or realm/faction transfers, they keep people from abusing them and constantly using them to do shady things or slowing the process down for everyone else due to massive demand. However, if I understand correctly, once the back end is in place for this feature, it would be something people could do in-game and shouldn't cost the company anything more after the development is finished. I'd personally rather just have this come with an expansion if you have to justify the cost of development to yourselves, though I'm sure many others wouldn't want to wait, neither would I in an ideal situation.

I want to take advantage of this feature, but I will not be paying for it so in the current planned implementation I am pretty disappointed.
The people saying ..." Stop complaining, every company needs to develop stuff and make money". You must also be the same people that go into car dealerships and pay sticker for the car.

I thank you for that but I actually think and won't.

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