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05/17/2011 02:24 PMPosted by Deserves
certain elements of the cross-realm Real ID party system will be premium-based

I'm not one of the F2P players, I'm in the 15/mo premium group. Do I get access to all of the elements/services?

In all seriousness, I really expect that cross-server will be available to all paying customers. And if you do make people pay, you should let them play cross-faction with one of those CoT disguises automatically in effect.

This ^ If I could cross faction group with my RealID friends, I would not have anything against a premium for it.
05/17/2011 02:17 PMPosted by Anodyne
If it will take a premium subscription to cover the cost of development, then do not develop it in the first place.

I was so happy when I read this thread title. My happiness was an amazing thing until I hit this...

05/17/2011 12:02 PMPosted by Nethaera

Really? I mean, I've never had a problem with the optional mount or pets or even the remote auction house and guild chat having a price tag on them. These are very optional little things to have if you feel like liquidating some disposable income, but now you want people to pay to group with their friends? Slippery slope, Blizzard.
Even though I only know one RL wow player I'd use this with, it could be pretty neat to do so. I wonder if PVP queues could be adapted as well.
I'd much rather see the development effort be put into cross-realm heirlooms, but hopefully so of the programming for this will apply to that.
05/17/2011 12:02 PMPosted by Nethaera
Real ID party system will be premium-based
Well then save your money... I can't afford to pay extra to play with my friends.
I get it, first you offer bonuses to not play with our friends.

Hello Call to arms.

Now you want us to pay more to play with them.

Hello new premium subscription at 25 dillers a month.

Thanks but no thanks.

I'm often as critical of Blizzard as anyone (especially when they make changes just for the sake of change), but in this case, there MIGHT be a valid reason:

They're adding new servers for players using this feature.

I doubt they're adding new servers... much more likely they're just adding the ability to communicate cross-server on more than the chat servers.

Which *would* be expensive, except that they're already working on this anyways, for the ability to send heirlooms cross-server.

Which naturally begs the question.... will the ability to send heirlooms to characters on other servers be a premium service as well?
Can we get a count on how many no's compared to yes' on this thread?
If they way they're setting up the new system is basically adding new "cross-battlegroup instance servers", then it could make sense that they need additional income to justify the expenditures. That's why the mobile apps cost money - they needed additional infrastructure to talk directly to the mobile phones (I remember that from a blue post a while ago).

Just a small comment here:

They already have "cross-battlegroup" instance servers. There are no battlegroups anymore, at least where it applies to the LFD system.

So no, we're not paying for new servers for this service.
The people saying ..." Stop complaining, every company needs to develop stuff and make money". You must also be the same people that go into car dealerships and pay sticker for the car.

I thank you for that but I actually think and won't.

That analogy doesn't work. Car dealerships mark prices COUNTING on the fact that people will bargain. I work in retail myself and I definitely do the same. But there are bottom lines that you can't go under. Even so, this is entirely different. You've already agreed to pay for the game in its current form at a set price. So why should Blizzard introduce complex (possibly expensive features) for free? That's like leasing a car, then going back to them a year later ( or six) and demanding they install that new GPS system and leather interior that just came out for free.
Unacceptable. I was fine with the premium features that were outside of the game such as the remote chat. But now this? I have to pay extra for a feature in a game I am already paying for? This is something that should have came a while ago and now you want to milk what you can out of it. When I pay monthly for new features I don't expect to only get half of them for that price then have to pay for the other half seperately. I want to do dungeons with friends on another realm but you will not be getting more of my money for something that should be included in the original package.
I'm apparently in the minority, at least on the forums. It's not surprising or upsetting to me that this is intended to be a "premium" service. It doesn't really give anyone an advantage over another, so I'm okay with that.

However, I will also say that I will never use it. I don't think the $15 monthly fee I pay entitles me to anything more than what I've already been getting, but I can't justify paying more for this feature.
"We chose to go with the subscription-based model instead of that approach. We've taken the approach that we want players to feel like it's a level playing field once they're in WoW. Outside resources don't play into it -- no gold buying, etc. We take a hard line stance against it. What you get out of microtransactions is kind of the same thing and I think our player base would feel betrayed by it. I think that's something else you have to decide on up-front instead of implementing later.
--Rob Pardo, Blizzard's Senior Vice President of Game Design (2/20/2008)"
Another pay to play aspect of the game? C'mon. On top of the money I used to purchase the various expansions (back when money was readily available to be spent in my situation) and the money I pay every month for cheap entertainment, I'm not going to pay more for something that not only is extraneous, but is a mark of laziness. It isn't that hard to roll and level an alt on a friend's server, and that's coming from the queen of leveling procrastination. I understand paid server transfers, I understand paying to change your faction. What I don't understand is adding another paid service during glitches and bugs and a lack of things we were promised prior to Cataclysm. Hey, Blizz. You want your subs back? Try not shoving new game features into a semi-working system for hard earned bucks, and instead, fix what you have, give us what we asked for, and maybe even lower your sub price by a few bucks. I bet you'll see the turnaround real quick.
One of the things that pissed me off about alot of F2P mmos, is that premium BS, that you have to buy stuff to be awesome, get the best gear, or lvl worth a damn. I got hooked on WoW because they didn't have any of that crap; you could lvl fine and get good gear without paying a cent. If they seriously play this "premium" crap like 99% of the F2P MMOs, then I'm done.

Going into Premium Services, is a downhill slope. It's one of the reasons I refused to pay for Xbox live, because I can do nearly all of the same crap on my computer or a PS3 for FREE!
I just want to note that I feel the same as the majority of the posters here seem too.

This game is 6 years old, and while I still enjoy playing it with my friends, I am certainly not going to pay more money per month to do so. I understand that this will be an optional fee, but you are charging for a feature that should have already been implemented and one that affects how we play the game. If this makes it into the game as a premium-based service, I will certainly not recommend anyone start playing this game and I will more than likely stop playing myself.
I can't say I've ever minded any of the former paid services. Mobile phone apps and occasional pets don't really affect the gameplay itself for me. If this game becomes an irl money sink where one has to pay premiums for the advantage of grouping with friends or access to content/abilities that do affect gameplay, I'll just give it up. What I always liked about this game is that it rewards the time and effort put in. If it becomes a toy of who can pay the most real life money, well I can play farmville for that.

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