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I was extremely excited and happy with Blizzard.

And then Activision informed me I would be paying for the pleasures. No thank you. You have actually just made me very sad on this side of the keyboard. A prospect I was excited to participate in since RID's inception aaaaaaand the realization that I will not pay for it.

Poor form. And after all those premium services I paid for to server transfer in the past to do just this. Sorta seems like a slap in the face, really.

No kidding. I am not one to gripe with Blizzard's policies/changes or any gaming companies really, but this little note left a seriously sour taste in my mouth, and for more or less the exact reasons you specify.

It's a business, yeah yeah, but businesses have to keep customers happy. And, collectively, this isn't something that will really go to the positive side of impression. And I think that is true for a lot of players.
05/17/2011 02:26 PMPosted by Brianucky
i alrdy heard that they are planning to make us buy maps for sc2 aswell!

Wait, seriously?

Damnit, Blizzard.
I like that we will soon be able to group up cross realm, but the premium part doesn't make sense at all. When RealID came out most people were kind of bummed this functionality wasn't in place already, and it was stated that RealID would get better over time. Not only would it get better, but it's described as a system that promotes social interaction within a game that, in my opinion, is based around social interaction.

What worries me more about this announcement though, isn't that you want us to pay extra, but it's what we'd actually be paying extra for. This isn't fluff like a mount, or a minipet. It's not another way to play with the auction house or chat from your phone. This is an in game functionality that will be charged for. What other functions are there down the line that we might have to pony up a little extra for? $3 may not seem like a lot a month, but over time it is, and on top of 15 dollars? To be able to play with friends on other servers and socialize with them? I thought that's what RealID would do as a base function eventually. Especially given it's description.

To add my own 2¢:

It is in Blizzard's best interest for player's to have social ties within WoW. These connections are a major source of retention in MMO's and social games. High retention translates into more money for Blizzard in the long run.

As such, Blizzard should be offering as many tools as they can for players to create social ties within the game, while also allowing players to bring their pre-existing external connections into the context of the game. I believe that cross-realm Real-ID grouping has the potential to be a great tool towards this end.

The benefits for Blizzard to offer this service for free may not be immediately apparent, but I suspect that it will provide MUCH more in long term benefit than any buy-in cost would provide.

If Facebook were to charge a fee for use, then it would not be the powerhouse it is today. If Zynga charged money (upfront) to play their titles, then they would not be the leader in social games. In both cases, these companies have profited greatly by removing barriers to create social connections in their products.
As a developer, I don't get how this is more complicated and thus means you need to charge for it.

Right now you randomly group people together by the needs of the party and who is available. You obviously have to narrow that down to a list of 5 members based on all kinds of statistics and variables.

With the Friends LFD, you KNOW EXACTLY who needs to be in that party. How is that MORE complicated? That's actually simpler.

Rawlee.Party[0] = Thrall.Mareeall
Rawlee.Party[1] = Garona.Goomba
Rawlee.Party[2] = Proudmoore.GobbleDeeDee

*scratches head*

This. I also don't get this crap of "fairly complex service to develop". We've been using it for a fair time in it's complex form (random people from random servers). How complex is it to narrow the list to selected players?

I think Blizz has made a bad move on this. Premium service? Really? As if we didn't pay monthly to this. This isn't a F2P game! The monthly fee isn't just for maintenance and the ability to log and play on servers, it's for content too. And we also already pay for xpacks.
This is just greedy.
If it based on the "Real ID" system, doesn't that mean I would be required to share my Real ID information - my real-life e-mail address - in order to participate?

So basically, IF I am willing to share personal data with complete strangers AND I'm willing to pay for "premium services" on top of my subscription fee THEN I can get a tool that might make /LFD less bad?

That's quite a deal.

Please remember that the following about Real ID

Whom should I add to my Real ID friends list?

Real ID is a system designed to be used with people you know and trust in real life – friends, co-workers and family – though it’s ultimately up to you to determine who you wish to interact with in this fashion. When you become Real ID friends with another player, you will be sharing your real name and opening up new communication options with that player. In addition, players who are Real ID friends with that player will be able to see your name in a “friends of friends” list, which allows people to be able to quickly send Real ID friend requests to others they may know.

Just so everyone is aware, we are continuing to watch comments in this thread as well as compile questions so that we can answer them for you at a future point in time. As the original post said, there is much more that still needs to be worked out before we can answer all of your questions.

As always, please post constructively and refrain from Forum Code of Conduct violations.

Race changes, name changes, appearance changes....these are all things that are essentially vanity.

Creating a feature that lets people connect in the game to group together, and charging a premium for it is alienating to me as a customer, and makes me significantly less likely to want to purchase blizzard games in the future. I don't like picking up a game and having to ask myself "What is this really going to cost me if I want to take advantage of all it has to offer?".

I've paid for race changes and realm transfers in the past, all of which I believe made sense as a premium. Your race and realm are major character decisions, and frankly I believe it's detrimental to the game if people are doing it on a daily basis free of charge. But joining or leaving a group is not a major character decision, and charging at this type of level is not something I deem acceptable.

That's my opinion and the best feedback I know how to give. I'm aware I wasn't guaranteed the service for my monthly subscription, but it's the type of game system enhancement I've come to expect from Blizzard over the years, and am taken back by how many fees are coming into this game to take advantage of such enhancements.

I agree with those saying I have no "right" to claim that I should get this feature free of charge, but being charged for it lowers my expectations of what I should expect from future blizzard products.
If they way they're setting up the new system is basically adding new "cross-battlegroup instance servers", then it could make sense that they need additional income to justify the expenditures. That's why the mobile apps cost money - they needed additional infrastructure to talk directly to the mobile phones (I remember that from a blue post a while ago).

Then don't develop it.
Great change i like this but not if im going to be charged for it. I will soon be leaving wow if this is how blizzard will continue to act.
The people saying ..." Stop complaining, every company needs to develop stuff and make money". You must also be the same people that go into car dealerships and pay sticker for the car.

I thank you for that but I actually think and won't.

That analogy doesn't work. Car dealerships mark prices COUNTING on the fact that people will bargain. I work in retail myself and I definitely do the same. But there are bottom lines that you can't go under. Even so, this is entirely different. You've already agreed to pay for the game in its current form at a set price. So why should Blizzard introduce complex (possibly expensive features) for free? That's like leasing a car, then going back to them a year later ( or six) and demanding they install that new GPS system and leather interior that just came out for free.

Complex and Possible expensive features? You obviously haven't played any other MMOs or just don't know much about computers.
05/17/2011 02:41 PMPosted by Twocat
How long until we have to pay to unlock hard mode raids?

Never thought one post -could- alienate an entire playerbase.
While I was always one of the people that stood up for the dismissal of "the slippery slope" and things like "Blizzard is a business", etc, but I might just have to go back on my statements.

Your previous premium features promoted aesthetic and QoL changes, and nothing to really complain about since they were nothing but convenience, mostly aesthetic based and not enjoyment altering features (my point here, is there's nothing stopping someone from faction/race/sex/name changing by creating a new character and doing it the ol' fashioned way. If we don't want to pay for the premium service, we can put the time in and get a positive result for both of us. Hence convenience based)

However this premium service is treading dangerously close to impacting the actual enjoyment of the game for a lot of people (I'm not going to go so far to say it's damning). Sure, I can server change, but only encompasses a single server. This goes beyond the previous convenience/aesthetic based premium features, and starts getting into actual gameplay enjoyment unless we pay for it.

I will add that I am not one that would use this service even if it was free (I admittedly, don't have RL friends that play WoW, or cross realm friends). I understand that it's premium because "its a complex task", but I think you guys are starting to grab for straws to keep this game appealing, and doing so in the form of additional payment trying to milk the dying cash cow for all its worth while you still can. For shame Blizzard.

Complex and Possible expensive features? You obviously haven't played any other MMOs or just don't know much about computers.

I'm confused whether you're agreeing or disagreeing with the poster you quoted, but I'll humor you.

"These other MMO's" don't have even remotely the same level of attention and demand for their games and features, allowing much more time to spend with frivolous demands from the playerbase like appearance tabs and player housing.
05/17/2011 12:02 PMPosted by Nethaera
certain elements of the cross-realm Real ID party system will be premium-based,

Free to invite, buck fifty to kick.

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