Cross-Realm Dungeon Feature Coming Soon

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Seriously... everyone is crying like Blizz is upping the subscription cost or something. This is optional, if you don't want it, don't buy it. Let your wallet do the talking.

Blizz has made many changes to this game to improve the core functionality. Cross realm BG's was one of the first. It was a major improvement to the game solving problems of faction imbalance on realms.

Cross realm dungeon finder also was a major improvement to the quality of the game... allowing for more players to be able to run dungeons, especially when your server may have had a lower population or you played at off server times.

This feature... solves no real problem. Yeah, there are people at work who play WoW on different servers than me. It'd be "neat" to be able to run a dungeon with them, but not being able to isn't gamebreaking. And if I REALLY wanted to, I could roll an alt on their server and level up.

Now, if I want to pay a few bucks... I can save myself a bunch of time. I don't have to do it, just like I dont have to roll an alt to play with them.

People need to start freaking out. If you can't pay the one-time $10 fee... maybe you should quit WoW & get another job.

Altho... if we're gonna pay for this feature Blizz... please let it work for standard BG queuing too!

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