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05/17/2011 12:02 PMPosted by Nethaera
premium service


You guys are off your rockers.
I'm extremely disappointed that this will be a "premium" service, as it's called.

A few others in this thread have shared why it's simply a poor choice; it's a free service to begin with. Even if it's a flat $10 fee that lets you have the service, it's an extension of something that's already in the game. I really like RealID for communicating with my friends. It's upsetting to know that an anticipated feature is trying to extort us like free to play games such as Runes of Magic.

This isn't some vanity mount or pet. To a certain extent, this is an in-game advantage over other players; you gain the ability to do something that not everyone has. No other feature has been ground-breaking such as this: RealID let us communicate without swapping servers. Vanity features were only cosmetic. Realm Transfers and Faction Changes were simply saving time. This gives players the power to do things in-game which otherwise cannot be done.
I thought it was kinda cool until the second paragraph. Oh well, it's been like this forever, I can continue living without it.
If it based on the "Real ID" system, doesn't that mean I would be required to share my Real ID information - my real-life e-mail address - in order to participate?

So basically, IF I am willing to share personal data with complete strangers AND I'm willing to pay for "premium services" on top of my subscription fee THEN I can get a tool that might make /LFD less bad?

That's quite a deal.

Please remember that the following about Real ID

Whom should I add to my Real ID friends list?

Real ID is a system designed to be used with people you know and trust in real life – friends, co-workers and family – though it’s ultimately up to you to determine who you wish to interact with in this fashion. When you become Real ID friends with another player, you will be sharing your real name and opening up new communication options with that player. In addition, players who are Real ID friends with that player will be able to see your name in a “friends of friends” list, which allows people to be able to quickly send Real ID friend requests to others they may know.

Just so everyone is aware, we are continuing to watch comments in this thread as well as compile questions so that we can answer them for you at a future point in time. As the original post said, there is much more that still needs to be worked out before we can answer all of your questions.

As always, please post constructively and refrain from Forum Code of Conduct violations.

After all the people are asking why you are making this term a paid service, why do you choose to answer these questions that are basic knowledge about Real ID? This is ridiculous.
It would have been a great addition should it have been free.

What a pity.

I know you guys aren't in charge of the decisions, so I don't think any of us is blaming YOU. But please, do pass the word that we're really unhappy about this.
Thank you for this insanity of the premium based system. Another great reason to have canceled both accts.
Well apparently, our subscription fee is not enough to pay for development of new content.

Have you ever wondered why 6 years and there is no subscription fee increase? This is why, these optional services shave off the inflationary increases.

It is optional, you do not have to get it. You can always play this game normally like how it was in classic. Group with people on your own server.

That being said, they need to come out with content lot faster than now.
A lot of things in the game is "optional", should they put a fee on that also? RDF (Find a group like in classic), Auction House (do face-to-face trades), the list can go on...
Activision rears its ugly head once again...

Yeah, the monthly fee all the players pay is the money you are supposed to use to develop the game, and thats not even counting the little extras like mounts, pets, faction changes, etc. This is truly a nickel-n-dime scheme and a poor one at that, sadly there are people who will pay for because they can use mommy/daddies money and it will be gauged as a success like some of the other "premium services" you provide.

I used to be able to defend Blizzard, but with SC2 and paying for each races campaign and the little things in WoW I just can't do it anymore. Its OK though, I've since turned to indie developers for a majority of my games the past years and its been great!
05/17/2011 12:02 PMPosted by Nethaera
will be premium-based

I lost interest right there.

Thumbs up for the concept, but it's not worth it for me to pay a fee just to instance with a friend or two who's not on my server. Pull in raids and bgs and it might be worth consideration.

Also, bleh...Real ID.
05/17/2011 12:02 PMPosted by Nethaera
certain elements of the cross-realm Real ID party system will be premium-based, though only the player sending the invitations will need to have access to the premium service.

I would like to hope that the basic "function" of inviting someone into your group to do a dungeon would be a free function.

However, there are a number of "additional perks" that I could imagine someone paying for. Let me list some.

1) Grouping cross-faction: So if I'm Alliance and my real-ID friend is Horde, I would be able to group with them anyway.
2) Inviting your real-ID friend to a raid in your server.
3) Trading items and gold with your Real-ID friend in the dungeon.
4) Inviting real-ID friends to do rated battlegrounds cross-realm.

I bet doing #3 would be pretty ruinous to server economies though and blurs the line greatly among different realms.
Patch 4.3
World of Warcraft now costs twenty dollars a month.
As well as purchasing the expansion packs to play them, an additional 5$ is tacked onto the monthly payment per xpac installed.
Raids now cost 2$ per instance per character per month.

Ice lance damage has been increased by 5000%.

How jocular this is, this is along the same lines as the stuff we are seeing here. Honestly blizz, more free stuff is what brings the players in. Make this free and you might notice a large quantity of players coming back from rift because they never could pay for realm transfers, but now they can at least play with their friends.

As much as I love this post, it's not being very constructive, and seeing people with action taken against their accounts over this silly feature wouldn't be a good thing.

By the way, ice lance will cost $0.01 to cast. >_>
A lot of things in the game is "optional", should they put a fee on that also? RDF (Find a group like in classic), Auction House (do face-to-face trades), the list can go on...

Don't give them ideas...

So when will I be able to buy my Heroic Tier Gear off of the Blizzard Store?
Premium Based? Seem's to me that everyday Blizz is trying to move to a micro-transaction system of some sort. Why should we have to pay $15 a month AND money beyond that to unlock game features? Shouldn't all game features be available for the $15 a month?
05/17/2011 01:09 PMPosted by Holee
After all the people are asking why you are making this term a paid service, why do you choose to answer these questions that are basic knowledge about Real ID? This is ridiculous.
Because maybe Neth doesn't know what else to say? She can't just say, "Oh, you're right... it's free now." I don't think she or Zarhym or Lylirra have that power.
I've been a loyal Blizzard fan for the last 5 years now, but I gotta ask this.

When did our 15 bucks a month plus transfer costs became not enough for you?

When their subscription base dropped 600K.

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