Goblin starting quest not working.

Bug Report
The starting quest where you need to pick up you're 3 friends <Rolling with my homies> does not seem to be working. i can hop on the cart that is given but i cannot leave it i can nither pick up the NCPS.
I am also experiencing this issue, am going to try a client-side repair after raids this evening and see if that helps, will report if that fixes it or not. . .
^Same problem. Can't pick up the guys, can't leave the car. After logging out, I can pick up one of the NPCs. Repeating the process about 5 times, (a few times it didn't work, obviously) I've finally got all three. Cruised up to turn it in, and the quest giver is gone, along with all the other goblins usually hanging around that area. While on the quest, I noticed that the town was pretty empty, too; most of the usual NPCs are nowhere to be seen. (Is my driving *really* that bad?) Logged out, found myself back where I picked up Ace, rode back to turn it in, quest guy still gone. Finally hearthed, and tada, everyone is where they should be.
No add-ons, no problems with other toons.
**Problem with vehicle continues into the next quest in the line, Report for Tryouts. NPCs disappear and cannot leave the vehicle.
This seems to be a bug that involves most quest mounts and vehicles. Submitted a ticket... now just way a couple days!
Thought I was the only one with this problem... Ima just ask does everyone here have windows 7? A toshiba laptop... anything
I can't complete this quest. Is there an update on when it will be fixed?
I am having the same problem. The only person I CAN pick up is the girl and I CAN'T exit the vehicle unless i exit the game completely....is this because I'm just on the 10 day trial of cataclysm or what because this like the 5th mount quest problem I had since starting this trial and these bugs are really making me NOT want to buy this new expansion pack.
As a temporary workaround, you can actually walk up to the NPCs for the quest and they'll follow you on foot.

Of course... it seems most vehicle quests are bugged right now, so you won't be able to get much further before you get quests you HAVE to use a vehicle to complete. :|
Same Problem
Post here please:


I've had to type this like 50 times a day over 4 days.
rolling with my homies not working locking up staory line and can not get other quests becouse of quest line lock . what is going on it is a bug ot a lockout ?

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