An error has occurred. Please fill out all...

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"An error has occurred. Please fill out all the required fields."

I'm trying to upgrade my trial account and every time I try to click the upgrade link or go to my account page I get a page on that says contact information is required. I fill out all the fields and scroll to the bottom of the page to accept the eula, click the box and then click continue and repeatedly get this error even though all the fields are filled...

I've tried it with Firefox, Chrome, and IE. I've run it through my normal network and through a VPN and even tried it on another computer with all those browsers and I get the same error.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Just clicked the upgrade option at the top of the wow client and filled out all my information fine and got a verification code that I had paid on the wow website and then when it tried to redirect me to I got this error.

"Account Verification Error

An error has occurred, possibly for one of the following reasons:This account has already been verified.The verification link you clicked on is expired or invalid.The account verification attempt was unsuccessful. Please try again, as this may be a temporary issue.Click the button below to return to Account Management, where you can request another copy of the verification e-mail."

My credit card has been charged but I've yet to get a verification email.
It looks like the upgrade is processing, Grelzak. Please keep in mind that the upgrade can take up to 72 hours in which you may still have several account restrictions.

05/18/2011 06:00 PMPosted by Grelzak
Account Verification Error
It looks like the e-mail on your account has not been verified. The verification process is generally done by clicking on the link that is sent to your e-mail. It does however expire.

Log back in to Account Management, there should be an option to resend the verification e-mail.
Yeah I finally got the upgrade via the wow account management page but for some reason my account is screwed up. I never got a verification email for it and can't get to the account management page because it says that I need to enter contact info...
yeah same here.. i can get past the damn account verification screen.. and it's pissing me off lol
I'm having the same issue. The only option I have available is to enter the information but it continues to say that I haven't met the required fields (which I have). I see no verification email and there is no option to send one to myself.

Note: This is for the details
hey wow people when ever i click on add payment time on my manage account webpage the next screen i get say error has encountered and everything i click on says error encountered and i just got wow again for me and my boyfriend as a surprise and now i feel left out cuz i cant play.
Ive used different web browsers everything and its still keeps saying error i dont know why this is happening please blizzard help meeeee!

i want to put this time code in blizzard please help me.
I had the same issue. It was doing my head in. It had a saved address for my credit card that always worked in the past and works for subscriptions. I refilled in the address and bingo the payment went through.

Hope this helps
Erm Snookoms... did you read when this post was originally made lol.... 2011.... pretty sure they have it sorted by now.

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