[A] <Fatal Instinct> Frostmourne 10M LFM

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Fatal Instinct is a newly formed guild on Frostmourne looking to create a social yet dedicated HM Raiding guild. Looking for Mature raiders that a keen to progress in Mop and other future content.Raiding experience and a good understanding of your class is a must, along with a working mic and Mumble.

Raid Times

Wednesday - 8.00-11.00pm AEST
Sunday -8.00-11.00pm AEST
Monday -8.00-11.00pm AEST

We are Recruiting the following Classes for our Core 10m

1 Rdps Spriest or Lock
All other exceptional classes are welcome to apply

If this sounds like the guild for you please apply at:


you can also add my Battle Tag Pete123 #1596 for a Chat if you like.
LF few more Dps
In need of Rdps for core 10m
Still looking for Rdps .....
Still looking for RDPS...
^^^ we're still looking for RDPS...
Need Lock and Hunter .....
Need 1 Priest and lock for core 10m .....
Still need 1 Priest and lock for core 10m .....
Still need 1 Priest and lock for core 10m .....
Bump for a Tank ^^
Is the hunter postion filled?
Hi Eros yeah its been filled sorry mate
bump for tanks and heals ^^
Bump for Hpally, Rogue or Enh sham and 1 Hunter

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