[H] Legacy of the Sun (3/8 Heroic) Recruiting

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Legacy of the Sun is looking for a few more raiders to fill out our thin spots for our raid groups. We are one of Ravenholdt's oldest guilds, having been formed very early in Burning Crusade, and have remained mostly intact through the years. If you're seeking a fun, low-drama, and experienced environment for raiding, look no further.

Legacy of the Sun currently runs raids on the 10-man setting.

Current Progression:
Tier 13:
Dragon Soul: 8/8 Normal, 3/8 Heroic (Morchok, Ultraxion, Yor'sahj)

Tier 12:
Firelands: 7/7 Normal; 2/7 Heroic

Tier 11:
Blackwing Descent: 6/6 normal; 4/7 Heroic
Bastion of Twilight: 4/4 normal; 1/5 Heroic
Throne of the Four Winds: 2/2 normal

Raid Times:
Weekday Group:
    Wednesday: 8:15 - 11:15 PM
    Thursday: 8:15 - 11:15 PM
    Monday: 8:15 - 11:15 PM

Current recruitment needs are as follows:





For those interested, Legacy of the Sun currently uses EPGP for loot distribution.

We also currently run one rated battleground group that runs Tuesdays at 8:00 PM.

Legacy of the Sun is also an RP-friendly guild, and we welcome any and all RP'ers who wish to join.

If you are interested, you can speak to any of our officers in-game (Lukar, Rakha, Zephy, Calinot) or visit our website: http://www.legacyofthesun.org

Regardless of recruitment needs, all applications are reviewed. If you feel that you would enjoy yourself here, please feel free to put in an application.
Bump for the new recruitment post!
I highly suggest people to join LotS. They're good to have reached that level of raiding, and I personally know Lukar to be a good leader. :D
Don't listen to that oaf. I'm the leader of the Weekend Raid presently, and our needs are a little different from what he suggests.

We need:
Tanks - A consistent DK or Warrior Tank. We do not have such a creature at our disposal, and I would like it. It would also allow one of our offspec Tanks to get back to doing what we recruited him for.

Healers - A consistent Priest if the weekday group doesn't manage to get one, since that will mean they keep ours.

Legacy's a good bunch, and I know your game experience would be improved by joining.
Healers - A consistent Priest if the weekday group doesn't manage to get one, since that will mean they keep ours.

I found a shaman, so I'm taking your priest. Our reclaiming mine. Or whatever.

Also, updated to reflect current recruitment needs.
Bumping for current recruitment needs.
Updated for current recruitment needs.
Bump because we still want that dedicated tank for the weekends. Join now and get to meet your new friends before Firelands!
Now I feel bad for Lukar... Have to remember to bump this more.

I still want a dedicated tank. I have a ridiculous number of spares, but I want, and have a prime spot available for, one who'll be available most of the time.
Bumping again.
Is it still my turn?

Bump to the thread.
Is it still my turn?

Bump to the thread.

It's always your turn.
Boop!.... or bump? MAKE THAT BOOOTY BUMP!
Updated for current recruitment needs. Looking for another healer to work with the weekday group.

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