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So, my mobile app hasn't updated any achievements in a few days. Going on five total days now. I know this isn't a big deal but is there a way to force an update to mobile app or force it to update?
I am having the same issue. I am actually having the issue where mobile armory is not show updates for the activity feed, achievements, and reputation for my character. However, it does seem to show the updates when I pull up others in my guild that are not bookmarked. It is as if the saved characters are not see the updates. The armory online webage is showing my updates. I have tested if I could see my updates on 2 different iPads and 1 iPhone. Same issue. I logged out and back in and have the same issue. I even deleted the app from the iPad and installed it back on and it still is having the problem.
Same here. Activity Feed and Achievements stay static for a week at a time, though gold updates instantly. Very very annoying if I want to check my rep or what I need to do next.
Perhaps this has been fixed? I played last night and got several achievements, and they showed up in the Activity Feed when I looked about 10 minutes after I logged off. If this has been resolved, good job! Rep seems to be current too.

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