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That are linked, but playable at the same time? My spouse and I each have an account and have the same last name so we could transfer toons between the accounts, but I have read that accounts can be linked and we could send BOAs to eachother in the mail?

I hate the search function on this site. :(

Does anyone know?
You can have multiple WOW accounts on a single Bnet account and play both at the same time.
yeah - it is good times.
Just don't accidently hit on your 2nd account's character.. it leads to awkwardness.
You can send BoAs to multiple WoW accounts on the same BNet account I know, not sure about linking two BNet accounts.
Is there anywhere I could look to find out how to link the accounts? o.o So long as it doesn't mean we can't play at the same time that would be awesome.
Bump. ._.
I'd like to know this as well. D:
Two accounts with a license of WoW on each is perfectly playable. It gets sticky once you look into one account with two licenses, but that's also perfectly doable.

To open a second license on the same account:
Go to the website
Sign in
Select Account in the top right
Select the Add Trial Account option in the center column
Upgrade the account using the Digital Purchase button on the right side
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Is there anywhere I could look to find out how to link the accounts? o.o So long as it doesn't mean we can't play at the same time that would be awesome.

To the customer service forums!


But yea, those guys would know.
Your best bet is to call or email support and request the two WoW accounts to be linked under a single . There is a way to link the accounts through the account management page, my experience was not successful doing it that way. Called and spoke to a CSR and they had me set up in a few minutes.

If you link the two accounts you can be logged in at the same time, trade BoA items, and have instant mail between accounts. There are no issues with being logged into both WoW accounts at the same time. I have ran a few low level toons through dungeons that way.
I don't think you can, the only way to send BoA items to another WoW account is if the 2 WoW accounts are on teh same account.

Having it set up this way also does allow you to play on both WoW accounts at the same time.

Sending from one to another is not possible.

You also should know it's against the rules to share a account, with ANYBODY (only exception is children). I'm not saying don't do it, just informing you.

I also don't think it's possible to move a WoW account from one account to another, so you're out of luck there i'm sorry. (don't hold me to this, but i'm pretty sure this is the case)
If You have a bnet account and your husband has a bnet account then NO they cannot be linked

However if You both share the bnet account and want a second account then yes you can, just hit where it has 'trial' and upgrade.

You do have to purchase the game and gamecards (or however your method of pay) for them.

as for playing at the same time I am not sure.

BoA's are only transferable to the same Bnet account (they have to be in the same name not just same last name) and on the same realm.

If you go to your bnet account and look at the summary tab you will see "Your Game Accounts." Under that you will see "World of Warcraft: Cataclysm" the name of your wow account is in the brackets below. Example would be [WoW1]

All that you have to do to merge bnet account is pick which bnet id you want to keep, this will be the log in for both WoW accounts. Example of one of your bnet id someguy@someisp.themoon

Call support and tell them you would like to merge [WoW1] to someguy@someisp.themoon. You will be asked security questions for both accounts.

Next time you log in use your bnet log in "someguy@someisp.themoon" and you will now see a drop down option to select which wow account you want to log into.

You do not have to buy anything more, just set up your payments on the merged wow account. I just went through this 5 months ago to get my RaF rocket and still have both accounts active.

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