Amory and Guild Logo Not Loading

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Ok so I try to view my guild page and my guild tabard image isn't showing up at all in firefox and when I view it in internet explorer I just just a solid grey image of my build tabard symbol. Plus the armory will not load on firefox at all but it will with explorer. I have tried deleting cookies from both and retrying and still nothing has changed. What can I do?
Do you mean that armory won't load at all in Firefox? Or it just won't load images?

I use Firefox as well, and was having issues with the avatars disappearing after a second. I finally found a solution in this thread:

I'm still looking for a solution to my guild tabard not showing up on the armory... it just constantly "loads".

Hope that helps.
yea I am having the same issues. I'll take a look at that page then, thanks.
ok i 's think i found the sight
i hasnt seen u awhile in the horde :D just saying hi

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