What is the best Professions for Hunter?

What is the best profession for a hunter? Currently I'm level 34 so I'm close to wearing Mail armour and I actually forgot completely (I'm new to WOW) to get my professions sorted, so could anyone give me some information on what is the best for a hunter? People say its Skinning + Leatherworking however isn't that only good until level 40, and I'm fairly close to it now? Also I'm not going to use guns so engineering is useless or not? Any help would be appreciated.

eng for sure because of all the tinkers you get plus the parachute/rocket is priceless in pvp other than that pref i guess...i got JC for the easy money & +67 gems dps

Kind of a personal choice.
JC - +81 agi in gems
LW - 130 agi to bracers, rather than the +50 enchant
BS - extra wrist/gloves socket
Alch - Mixology + flask for 80 agi
Enchant - 40 agi to each ring
Inscrip - 130 agi/25 mastery to shoulders, rather than the therazene enchant
I don't know much about Engineering to know what it offers.
But they basically all give +80 agility
JC + Engineering are definitely the best combo. Massive gem bonuses and good toys to boot.
You could always go for just gathering profession and earn a bit extra gold.

Inscription might also be useful, because you'll need glyphs. And on some servers they're crazy expensive to buy.

But any profession can be useful to you, so feel free to choose whatever one you want!
Isn't it quite expensive to level JC and Eng? Sorry for the noobie questions but I'm just trying to get the best advice from experienced players.
yeah eng is expensive for sure but the rewards are i think better than any other good items u can craft plus rocket boost/ parachute plus synapse spring give u 480 AGI every minute jus macro it into some of your shots and it will be up almost 100% of the time
So engineering seems a good pick but is it quite hard to level up? Also likewise to JC? Though I'm reading that other then what you've said, it is rather useless.

And does anyone run a skinning + LW on a hunter that can share there experiences with it?
If anyone could give me some more information on skinning + lw that would be awesome. I think I'm going Skinning + LW ATM, but I may drop skinning and take up eng when I get high enough (since it seems like an expensive prof).
mostly personal but if i were you get engineering, it's godly fun for hunters and if ur new u can make guns to replace a crappy one if u can't get any good one etc.
nitro boosts = amazing for hunters
plus the parachute down while shooting ppl in world pvp as well as AB
I have LW and skinning and am happy with the choice. Each profession offers a similar reward but I find skinning a good money maker as there are always corpses to skin. Each xpac has a "kill x million creatures" for quests and Tol Barad each day yields large volumes of skins. Also the + crit to skinners is a bonus. Nothing exciting, but a bonus.

Leatherworking perks are the cheap leg and bracer enhancements for the player and the patches for leg armor always sell on the AH. The epic BOE gear also sells well and with skinning, farming mats for your profession is easy.

Only switch to engineering when you have enough gold as you will have to buy all your mats to level it which will set you back many thousands of gold. Engineering has great toys and functional perks but as mentioned before it is costly if you do not farm your own mats.

Good luck in your choice and happy hunting.
05/23/2011 01:29 AMPosted by Kattirina
If anyone could give me some more information on skinning + lw that would be awesome. I think I'm going Skinning + LW ATM, but I may drop skinning and take up eng when I get high enough (since it seems like an expensive prof).

that's also a good one.
If I were you, I'd base it on what you are gonna do.
If you primarily gonna PVE (dungeons raids etc) skinning/JW is by far better.
If you are primarily gonna PVP (BGs, world pvp) then engineering (didn't mention arena cus u can't use nitro in arena)
I roll eng. and skinning for profs.

the synapse springs are a very nice dps booster especially when timed with a boss who takes extra dmg at certain points. the cardboard assassin also comes in handy if you kiting something and it gets just a little to close.

the skinning is an easy choice because of the money you can make and the extra crit which is always nice to have.
I do skinning and leatherworking and like it. Compared to some of the other professions I find leatherworking easy to level up, and skinning is especially easy to level and get mats for. I tend to like picking professions that compliment each other. Skinning/LWing, JC/Mining, Eng/Mining, Herbalism/Alch, etc. I think if you're new and don't have much gold that's the best way to go. Those who have two professions like Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting to max out enchants and sockets tend to have a lot of money to buy their mats off AH - or another character that does the mining.
05/23/2011 01:29 AMPosted by Kattirina
If anyone could give me some more information on skinning + lw that would be awesome. I think I'm going Skinning + LW ATM, but I may drop skinning and take up eng when I get high enough (since it seems like an expensive prof).

If this is your first character, or you don't have a big bank roll, then you will want either Skinning or Mining paired with Herbalism. These three professions have the lowest cost of entry and enable you to literally pull money out of the ground. Training these professions comes at a fraction of the costs of leveling a crafting profession. It is easiest, though not always most efficient, to make money as a gatherer.

I would suggest Skinning and Herbalism, especially if you plan to switch to Leather Working later on. Herbalism does not require a tool, so that is an extra bag slot that can be devoted to things that make you money. I do not suggest Mining because you get a lot of gems and stones that can be sold for money, but generally clutter your bags. If this is a fairly new character, you know already that bag space is at a premium. Herbalism and Skinning both provide very few extra things that will clutter your bags as you level it.

If you plan on switching to LW, then you will want to sell your herbs on the AH and stockpile your skins in the bank. You probably will not get enough skins to level LW, but having a head start that you collected while leveling is nice.

Now, the "best professions" for a Hunter largely depend on what your goals are as a Hunter. Do you desire to support yourself by crafting your own gear and don't want to buy materials from the AH? Do you desire to make boatloads of cash without any effort? Do you want to min/max your character so that you are squeezing every last ounce of the DPS out of her? Do you not really care? As has been said before, all professions give +80 to some stat. Some you get to choose, some you don't

LW and Skinning is a good combo if you want to support yourself, but leaves about 50 Agility equivalent on the table. Skinning gives a passive +80 Crit Rating, which you are choosing in lieu of +80 Agility from another profession. 80 Crit Rating is worth something, just not as much to your DPS as 80 Agility. However, this combo lets you gather your own materials and craft your own gear.

Taking Mining in order to level Jewel Crafting, and then learning the most profitable recipes on your server will enable you to make money hand over fist. My roommate logs in to his JC 4 or 5 times a day, cuts 20-30 gems, and collects a couple thousand gold from his mailbox. Now, leveling JC was quite expensive for him, but he has more than made back those costs. Additionally, JC gives you to absolute best profession perk (because 80 isn't divisible by 3, but 81 is) with +81 Agility by means of your JC only gems.

If you desire to min/max your character for the most DPS possible, then I believe that the combo you are after is JC and Engineering. The downside is that both of these are extremely expensive to level, even if you have a dedicated gatherer. You should select these as your first professions only if you have boatloads of cash on hand or intend to be poor for a long time.

If you don't care, see gathering professions.
05/23/2011 01:29 AMPosted by Kattirina
If anyone could give me some more information on skinning + lw that would be awesome. I think I'm going Skinning + LW ATM, but I may drop skinning and take up eng when I get high enough (since it seems like an expensive prof).

Since your a newer player and the current economy on a lot of servers are- well stupid- LW/skinning might be good for you to take up. It will at least help you save a little bit of gold as you are leveling up. I came back during BC after being away from the game for a good year. Rolled a hunter (since I had no idea how to play my rogue anymore) and took up LW/skinning, very rarely went to the AH for anything. I also did some pvp on the side for the Warsong Glutch weapons and the Arathi Basin boots (loved the run speed from them). This was perfect for my needs since my hunter was my only character during BC and part of Wrath.

The other alternative is two gathering professions. With two gathering professions, you can make enough gold to support yourself when you hit 85. I normally save this kind of stuff for my alts. You can also take up say mining/skinning and just save, save, save the mats for when you reach 85. Use the mats to take up two crafting professions.

The kicker as far as professions go: you have to remember to not just dungeon crawl your way to 85. Try to remember to level up your professions. That way, when you hit 85, you aren't backtracking. Backtracking can be a huge pain in the rear.

The other kicker on the having 2 crafting professions: unless you have an alt with both skinning/mining, or always have enough gold to support having 2 crafting professions, I never suggest going this route. It can get expensive.
Cheers for all the help everyone! Really interesting reading everyone's take on the best professions for hunters. I think I will go Skinning + LW right now as I'm not overly fussed about the perks of choosing eng and JC over others. I do like your point on Herbalism as a choice Adarant so I may research a bit about it but like others stated, I'm a fairly new player so choosing LW/Skinning may be the best option.

Thank you all for the help, if you got any more bits and bobs that you'd like to add that'd be fine.

Cheers all. :)
Engineering. Second best is Engineering and third best is the same as the second.

To me, if you only plan on leveling one Hunter, it should be an engineer or you'll regret it. It goes beyond the 80 agility.
Blacksmithing and JC. i like...though i don't use them anymore. BS gives extra sockets. JC better gems.

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