Patch 4.2: We Bid Thy Keyring Adieu

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I am just now getting over losing my Scholo key. That was an investment of time and money. I still have my key to Searing Gorge gate and the Prison Cell key of yesteryore. Getting rid of the key ring to make room for a new button is a designers decision, but think about what you loose. Keys represent time and effort to complete certain requirements (ex: Scholo key). I am proud of the keys I have acquired and don't want that to go to waste. How about a FoS for certain keys, or allowing use to keep old keys. I have several items in my bank that are no longer relevant or obtainable in Cata. I guess I'm just sentimental.

How about putting the key ring button on the back pack? Under the name plate?

How about combining the new Dungeon Journal with the Quest Log? You can then add any quests notes that are relevant to the dungeon bosses.

Without the keys you've removed the Lore and exploration needed to unlock dungeons - or heroic modes of dungeons. Heck, even finding the entrances of dungeon sites was deemed too onerous for folks. Since there's real reason to quest or anything now, why not just remove the continents? There's barely anyone out there now anyways.

I agree. I leveled an alt from 20 to 75 by standing around in the Dwarven District in SW, trading on AH and buying spells from my trainer. With the bots selling cheap mats, it's cheaper to level a profession in AH than to go out gather the mats. With Dungeon Finder, I don't need to go anywhere.

I would like to, but it seems pointless -- there's no one to run into, there's no random pvp, there are no group quests, there are no quests required to get your abilities or enter heroics... I even miss being ganked in Ashenvale on my first toon now.

I miss some of the epic battles that used to occur around and between Southshore and Tarren Mill even on some PVE realms and tend to agree with those that are concerned about epic quest chains and overall lore.

I still remember fondly my very first time in Scarlet Monastery when friends and guildmates teamed up and taught several of us how to run 5 man instances and acquire our very first key.
I'll miss keys. I have at least one character that collected as many keys as possible no matter how silly they were. Ah well, I'll just add some more keys to my rl keychain. :P

I suppose there is some info in this thread about where blacksmithing keys will go once the keyring is gone? Time to start reading this 21 page thread..

Oh, there it is~

So, just as a reference here are the keys we're currently seeing as ones that will not be converted to gold or removed upon release of the patch -- if you have them they'd be put back into your normal inventory.

Any Blacksmith keys (e.g. Titanium Skeleton Key)

Tthat ought to be interesting, my bs has a lot, no seriously a LOT of keys, heh.
If this is the case, can we do both of these changes at the same time? I'd really like to free up bag space, not lose it.

I totally agree with this. Can we have more bag space to make up for the lost keyring? Or could we make more permanent keys (i.e., heroic dungeon keys) in the currency system?
gonna be amazing to have my 22 slots worth of blacksmithing keys constantly filling up empty bag space until I use them all
So where was this page of people saying we need the keyring removed when did i miss this?

Not a big deal.... Keys are gone! Wow, absolutely nothing has changed. I will continue as I always have!

No key are NOT gone they now in your bags taking up BAG space like they did back in old wow. So you know them empty slots in your bags will now be full of keys. Or in your bank next to the tabars.
Keys were the only thing I collected through Wrath. Some people collected pets. Others collected mounts. I collected keys, and could boast owning every single instance-related key in the game, with one major exception: the 25-man Algalon key. I was working on getting a group set up for it when Cata brought the end of most instance keys.

Now the last remnants of my collection are set to disappear as well. I know things change and the game moves forward, but I will miss my collection and regret the fact that I never got the chance to complete it.

Perhaps I shall hash through the 25-man Ulduar hard modes to finally complete my 25-man Celestial Planetarium key while the quests still exist. Maybe it will bring closure.

Farewell, key chain.

That was so sad. I'm sorry for your lost collection.
Relic Coffer Key (Blackfathom Deeps)

Relic Coffer Key is Blackrock Depths, not Blackfathom Deeps.

Thanks for the list, Bashiok. I'm not familiar with the BC keys listed (Vanilla player here), but the classic keys listed are all temporary keys that are spent just about as soon as they are acquired; there's no need to keep them in the inventory.

I do think this is a nerf to blacksmiths and rogues though. One blacksmith suggested making the keys stack to 250. That would help matters a bit, but I blacksmiths had an advantage over engineers in that their keys could fit in the keyring, while engineers had to carry around their explosives. Now they're on even footing again. I honestly think blacksmiths will stop carrying the keys if it takes up even one inventory slot. They'll prioritize carrying stuff they can loot and sell over the potential to maybe loot a lockbox or party with a group that doesn't have the required key.

Speaking of which, if you remove the locked doors required to progress in dungeons in order to compensate for the key change, you're removing one of the really cool but seldom used abilities of rogues. What is it now? Poison-brewing - gone, detect traps/disarm traps - almost useless except against hunters, picking locked doors - gone too now. The only "roguey" things a rogue will now besides actual combat is open lockboxes. Boy, I sure am grateful we have a skilled thief in our party to open this box I found. Otherwise I'd have to find somebody in a city to do it and it would take a little longer.
No one needs keys anymore.

Unlock all doors


How will this work for Algalon it has a key so you don't need the key to do the boss anymore. And i don't see why the keyring is being removed i have SO MANY KEYS no really i have all the BC keys like 15 stakes of titanium keys and obsidium keys EoE Key Algalon key just leave it the way it is
I'll miss this keyring, and I hope blizzard can find a way to keep it, or some new way to store keys.

Yes, some keys are useless, but some of them exists as a nostalgia factor, not that I ever open my keyring and go "man, I remember when I got x key", but still, it's nice to see them there.

Every once in a while, I run old instances, and it's nice to have my keys.

Not to mention, that very rarely, I need old keys from quests I never complete, and I still have 2/5 or whatever in my bag.

As a blacksmith, I could just make a ton of keys (they are cheap), but I would rather not have to pack them around in my inventory everywhere. (They are fine in the keyring).

Again, I hope that they don't take the keyring out in the end. Maybe just relocate the keyring button (Attached to the bottom or side of the default backpack?).

Thanks for reading!
You are ignoring the fact that each key has to be stored on server space. It is not just a matter of the tiny space that you see in your UI. Multiply the dozen or so keys that you have by the millions of players with keys and you are looking at substantial storage utilization.This is what they are referring to.

Actually, they amount to a 0 or a 1 in a single record in a massive database, nothing more really.
I'm annoyed tbh at the removal of all the keys. It dumbs down the game, and it makes all the questlines involved in getting said keys redundant. I mean the master's key for Kara is a great questline to do.

So is the questline for the key to algalon's chamber... despite the fact you can zoom through them now it's a nice immersive feature.

I'm also irritated that the last relic of an epic quest chain will be vanishing on 4.2. I worked hard for my moonstone to summon Anzu, and no I don't care that it can be triggered without it. I like having the moonstone as proof I did the chain, the feat is all well and good, but I liked having the flavour item that was the reward.

I currently have 27 keys tucked away in the keyring. Many of them I'd have to look up to see what they were for. Only a few will I definitely mourn the loss of - the Heroic Celestial Planeterium Key and the Drakefire Amulet and Seal of Ascension 'keys' (thankfully those are both items not true keys). I also took care to obtain Gordok Shackle Key before that was removed from the game. I think some of us really love the sentimentality that goes with our keys and it diminishes the game somewhat to have these quietly removed from us.

I won't mind the removal of all the Outland keys though - it sucks trying to help a guildie with a quick Anzu run only to remember my DK never got any heroic keys or enough rep to buy them. Then I have to go oh, sorry, lemme bring the warrior to tank it.
Does... does this mean I can keep my The Master's Key?
this is a SLAP IN THE FACE to roUGes everywere

Does Dire Maul (north, i think?) still need a rogue/key? Or did they get rid of that?

It's silly to say it, but I kind of think the "removal of interesting stuff that makes the game neat and provide immersion" railroad has really gotten way out of hand.
05/23/2011 10:09 AMPosted by Fatbeard
Key to Searing Gorge

The item info doesn't seem to healthy ): tummyache...
Another idea that has been semi referenced but not actually stated to my knowledge...

You could make keys "Passive Buffs/Skills" that go on the passive page of your skill book. I still think there should be Passive Character Buffs like MC/BWL Attunements, Agent of Nozdormu, and things like that.

Heroic Celestial Planetarium Key: Right click to learn a passive skill allowing the player to open the door to Algalon, the Observer.

Or something like that. "Allows player access to Hellfire Citadel Heroics." "Allows player access to Karazhan." etc.

That way players still get something they can look at and be like "That was an awesome questline." And you still get your "Much Needed" UI Space, because a 10x30 plot of screen real-estate is so massive an area that you can't possibly add another button to it. /shrug

So...everybody wins?

P.S. Whatever happened to "Oh, BTW we're looking into adding more things to the currencies tab..." What about my Halaa Battle and Research Tokens? My Spirit Shards? What about the Aldor and Scryer currencies for the shoulder enchants? A Currency should be any item that can be used to barter for other items via NPC. But I suppose that's another thread altogether.

Is there even a purpose to this change, other than *maybe* we'll add more cool features in the future?

I do see the reason for the change. The default UI is very overcrowded. Since keys are mostly obsolete(heroics/maly/Ulduar) those few that are useful as actual items(Kara/ Essence-Infused Moonstone/MT-Hkey) can easily be gotten rid of. The only real problem is with quest keys, BS keys and those like Scarab coffer keys/consortium rep. And while this will be an annoyance for some people, blizz feels like making things simpler for the majority is the way to go.

It would have gone easier with people if they said that all the keys would no longer be needed, instead of putting the few useful keys in the players bags.

The keyring icon takes up like... [ ] that much space. There's gotta be a better reason than that.
Awesome, so all the keys for outland herics, kara, EoE. etc. are just gonna be thrown in my bag? Why not just make those things NOT require keys anymore before you make this change then get rid of all the keys? Why must you take away the solution given to fix a problem without offering another solution for it? Having to carry around multiple sets of gear, and consumables takes up a lot of bag/bank space, please dont limit us even more with this change.
05/23/2011 04:09 PMPosted by Driani
Actually, they amount to a 0 or a 1 in a single record in a massive database, nothing more really.

It's sort of splitting hairs because I understand what you're getting at, but a line in a database this complex is a bit more than an on or off switch.

Anyway to go into it a bit more, by removing the Keyring we can clear up some literal UI space for a Dungeon Journal button, and Raid button, and we also get some storage room back to use for upcoming features. Everyone is quite right without an announcement of what that is you just can't know, and this single change on its own seems rather lackluster (if not a step backward), but I can assure you we're well aware of what people hope to see added to the game.

It's also maybe worth noting that the Keyring accounts for 32 inventory slots on every character, whether they get used or not.

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