Patch 4.2: We Bid Thy Keyring Adieu

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05/23/2011 10:16 AMPosted by Leafhoof
"We are announcing a change to our beloved keyring bag in the coming patch. While the keyring has served it purpose in the past, we now have heard from you that there are other items that are of more importance to seperate storage then keys. So we have changed the keyring to include to the storage of Tabards as well. The "bag" will no longer simply function as a regular bag, but have more of a similar interface to the Archeology tab you see in-game currently."

You win. Brilliant. I want Blizzard to run their stuff by you first from now on. :D

Blizz did this crap some time ago and removed the Keymaster Achievement and never converted it to a FoS, without adequate prior communication ... so the question IS pertinent.
Ok! Totally agree that outright interface space should be used for more usefull things then a keyring that is almost useless. But i do think that the keyring feature should not leave the game like this, cause i really think that it gives some sense of RP to the character and thats cool.

My humble suggestion is to put the keyring with the other features in the character's screen, just by side with the new Title menu and, who knows, a new Tabard Menu along those two?

I think i am not the first person to shoot this idea, so, think about it again, would be nice to have Titles choice by side with a Tabard choice and a keyring in the end to compose...

I think the keyring like a historical thing, a track record with a lot of RP potential, like a rogue that can say that he has the backdoor key of the BRDs tavern, its cool. About the temporary quest items keys, they should be like any other quest items indeed, going to ours usual bags, since they are temps. And about the blacksmith keys, they should have the same status as the Seaforium Charges of engineers, why not?

So, sorry about my english, i hope u all understand what i meant.

Keep up the good work folks!

05/23/2011 10:23 AMPosted by Rosthwaite
notably my archmage staff from Netherstorm

NOOOOO! I rarely ever use it, but I still have it for memories sake.

05/23/2011 10:23 AMPosted by Rosthwaite
my Dartol's Rod of Transformation

This can still be achieved with this Stave of Fur and Claw.
but I don't wanna lose my jingle keys! How will I entertain little kids during Orphan week?
Does this mean we won't have keys at all? Because on my main I barely have 10 bag spaces and would hate to have to hold a few keys in my bag.
If it ain't broke, why fix it?

All the myriad complaints and problems with this game and you work on this?
05/23/2011 10:29 AMPosted by Aluri
notably my archmage staff from Netherstorm

NOOOOO! I rarely ever use it, but I still have it for memories sake.Stave of Fur and Claw.

I think I would be way more outraged at the loss of the staff then my keys :P
So, this causes some issues:

BC heroic keys (of which there are five) are still required since the way those dungeons work (according to you guys) works differently from the way other dungeons in Northrend and Cataclysm content, regarding the heroics themselves. Is this issue finally going to be addressed? (And, perhaps along that vein, rep tabards in BC dungeons?)

Relic Coffer Keys are by and large still somewhat necessary for BRD runs in which you have to go to the Vault and open all the coffers to get a certain boss to spawn. The Dark Keeper Key for BRD is needed for the same room - thankfully, this key is a one-off. (By the way, can we move the Dark Keeper spawn point in the Domicile? He spawns right under the mole machine.)

Also, are we ever going to see a Feat of Strength or similar for characters that would have gotten the Keymaster achievement?

Malygos and similar keys (e.g., Algalon) that currently go into the Keyring slot are going to be cumbersome. I don't suppose there's some sort of way to convert this to something like the Magister's Terrace "attunement" in that a person that obtains it can just start the Malygos event without necessity of the key?

As other people have mentioned, are we also going to be finally getting rid of the Karazhan key? Personally, I'd be happy not to have to do the quest chain again, but if it needs to be done (similar again to MgT heroic attunement) then so be it.

Beyond that, I have very little bag space on this character as it is. I tend to collect some of the older gear sets, and then have two sets of gear for PvE (plus some random PvP stuff I rarely ever use). Not to mention I'm also an herbalist/alchemist so have a bunch of THAT stuff laying around as well. I'll be happy with more bag space, but if it comes at the cost of that extra bag space being taken up with keys, then there was no real gain.
If it ain't broke, why fix it?

All the myriad complaints and problems with this game and you work on this?

Exactly ... this rates right up there with the "adding smoke to the dismount" stupidity.
05/23/2011 10:34 AMPosted by Minko

NOOOOO! I rarely ever use it, but I still have it for memories sake.Stave of Fur and Claw.

I think I would be way more outraged at the loss of the staff then my keys :P

I definitely agree. The staff is usable and irreplaceable. I'm sorry if my previous post sounded sarcastic, I was extremely serious. I really will miss the staff.
Well, since im not deleting my old memorabilia for stupid keys in my bag slots, i demand an answer to the question "Will keys be useable from the back storage?"
Hopefully you guys will make sure there is no awkwardness with BC content - heroic 5-man's and Kara come to mind.
My Blacksmithing Keys... *sniff* I made nice tips for opening boxes for people :(

sigh... what a waste of developer resources. Instead of removing the keyring i don't understand why the UI couldn't just be tweaked slightly to create room... and besides the new button means we have 2 buttons opening the same UI panel, just with different tabs open...

Ohh at the very least you could of given us a tabard storage panel like mounts (even if it doesn't work with tabards with on-use effects at first it would still be extremely beneficial to players)
World of Warcraft has evolved quite a bit since the day the Keyring bag slot was added in patch 1.11. When implemented, the Keyring provided players with a convenient way of storing dungeon, quest, and other keys automatically. Back when the largest bag was a mind bottling 18 slots -- rumored to be bottomless -- the Keyring helped save precious bag space. But as things tend to do, time went on, bags got bigger, and designs for (literally and figuratively) gating content evolved through the years. In today’s Azeroth, keys don’t really serve much of a purpose except to take up physical storage space from the game (which could be used for other awesome stuff), and visual interface space from you. Because of this, we’ve decided to get rid of the Keyring in order to free up that space for new features. This change could also potentially allow us to play around with the amount of default storage space you’re allotted down the road. So, what does this mean for you and the keys you might not have looked at in the last couple expansions or so?

We’re currently working on the implementation of a system in patch 4.2 which will handle the removal of the Keyring, while causing you as little hassle with keys as possible. Some keys which no longer serve a purpose in the game will automatically be removed from your inventory. In return, you’ll be compensated for them with their respective vendor sell prices in gold. You might also have random leftover quest keys from outdated quests, or quests which were removed in Cataclysm. Keys that fall into this category have no use and no sell price, as they are labeled as quest items, and will be automatically removed from your inventory. Any remaining keys that might still potentially serve some use in the game will be transferred into your regular inventory. If there is not enough space in your inventory to hold any leftover keys once patch 4.2 hits live realms, the keys will be placed in a backlogged storage system. Once space is made for a backlogged key, the key will take that space after you log out or switch to a new zone (i.e. changing continents, entering a dungeon or Battleground, etc.).

We are continuing to work on new ways of allowing you to better manage the storage of various items in the game, and it is our goal to make sure the removal of the Keyring causes as little inconvenience to you as possible.

So, Blizzard sees its lost 600k people, your first responses are:
A- Tack on an extra optional sub fee to play with friends.
B- Make us carry the damn keys again, which we complained about the first time which is how we got the Keyring to begin with.

I'm 100% certain at this point Blizzard is just trying to kill WoW so we all go play Diablo 3 or something.
I'm hoping what will happen is that the various quests you did to get several of those keys will flag the character as having credit, and thus allow you to access those things without the key. This seems reaonably possible to do what with phasing changing what you can interact with and what quests you can pick up. On top of that, there's a quest in Darkshore that gives you a quest reward of a permanent buff while in the zone, so that's another option of what they could do (a phantom buff that allows you to interact with certain things).

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