Patch 4.2: We Bid Thy Keyring Adieu

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The third biggest complaint is from blacksmiths. So, make keys stack to ridiculous amounts as well.

Or remove the need for BS keys completely. Just let appropriate level blacksmiths open the boxes.

Then Engineers too please!
05/23/2011 11:08 AMPosted by Lowangel
dumbing down the game some more, take away all the little things that make things interesting; treasure chest, keys... /sigh

The game is not being dumbed down. Most keys served little purpose other than being an inconvenience (hello Karazhan key). Treasure chests still exist, too, and they've actually got treasure in them these days! No more couple of coins + tough hunks of bread, they have gold + a blue item.

Anyways... My hunter is gonna be hurting for bag space shortly. I think she's got over 500 titanium skeleton keys... Shut it, I went overboard >_>
I have many keys and few bag spaces, in my whole inventory i have mabye 12 spots still open. I keep all flavor items, old item sets, and multiple current sets for Resto/Enhance/Elemental PvP and PvE. I don't have much room to work with when it comes to bag space. When this happens i hope that they also add more bank spaces, there's plenty of room on the bank tab to add bag slots.
I have a curiosity. Are blacksmithing-crafted keys still in-game then?
05/23/2011 10:49 AMPosted by Bashiok
Also, don't you feel that's rather insulting to your intelligence? That we shouldn't make changes to the game unless we have something new and shiny to draw your attention with? I'd like to think that these changes can be seen with a bit more foresight than the impact of only this immediate minute.

Isn't this the standard excuse for not adding/changing some features because you want to wait until there's a better solution?

In this case, you're dumping keys into our inventory and promising us the possibility of a better solution some time down the road.
If the expanded storage options for vanity items/tabards/etc are not being added at the same time as this, I will be slightly annoyed.

My bags and bank are already bursting at the seams and I really don't need keys in my bag to compound the problem.

Please wait to make the changes to keys until you are ready to provide additional storage options.

ETA: While I was typing looks like my suspicons about "no keys needed" confirmed, thanks Bashiok. I'm still emo about Archmage Vargoth though :(

I think I would be way more outraged at the loss of the staff then my keys :P

I definitely agree. The staff is usable and irreplaceable. I'm sorry if my previous post sounded sarcastic, I was extremely serious. I really will miss the staff.

nooooooooooooooooooooooooo not my pet Archmage Vargoth *wail and hug*

Oh, yeah. Keys. Ahem.
I suspect that most keys that are currently "required" can either be set to just straight-up attenument (heroic dungeons, Maly) or will be instance-specific objects that despawn outside (BRD). Automatic payment for vendorable keys seems to support that. But I am not a dev, nor do I play one on television, so I will wait and see. That would actually work out better in the end I think and ARCHMAGE VARGOTH COME BAAAACKsorry. Anyway. Yeah.

The game is not being dumbed down. Most keys served little purpose other than being an inconvenience (hello Karazhan key).

Have you ever heard the phrase "If it's not broke, don't fix it"?

The current system worked fine. There was no need to change it. Want to take out attunements? Fine. Remove the attunements and all associated keys, but leave the ring for other keys. Want that half a centimeter it takes up on the UI for something else? Put the keyring inside the backpack or something.

Removing it entirely is completely unnecessary. If the best response Blizzard can hope for is that a player won't care about a change they've made, then they probably shouldn't be making that change to begin with.
I don't know if this was mentioned or not...

But if you do this, and then people store their keys in their banks... and then try to go someplace (let's say Maly for the mount)... they will be unable to do it, since it's in their bank. Yes I know, people just need to remember to stop at the bank to grab it, but it's just an extra hassle that hasn't been around in years, why bring it back now? I mean this feels like a step backward. I love the keyrings! So either make everything not need keys anymore and get rid of all the keys, or don't take it away!
They better make keys count from the bank then and better not expect me to for example carry my key to get into Sethekk Halls.
I loved the questline to get the key for Karazhan. It was awesome to see a tiny bit of the lore behind Kara before you even stepped foot in there, especially since it showed how you were part of the lore when you did the part in Black Morass.

If you remove the key for Kara, can you at least keep the quest in and just change the reward to, I don't know, a title or a large amount of Violet Eye rep or something.
05/23/2011 11:20 AMPosted by Tyrathius
Put the keyring inside the backpack or something.

Unfortunately, that's what they're doing, but not the way the rest of us would like : /
05/23/2011 11:15 AMPosted by Ashencrest
dumbing down the game some more, take away all the little things that make things interesting; treasure chest, keys... /sigh

The game is not being dumbed down. Most keys served little purpose other than being an inconvenience (hello Karazhan key).

Some people say keys were an inconvenience, other say they added depth to character development.
You do realize that blacksmiths are able to make keys to open lockboxes, right? And they exist with Cata release. It's even trainer taught. Obsidium Skeleton Key. So blacksmith keys will be left in bag spaces.

Engineers can make Seaforium. This type of item exists only to unlock things, exactly the same as any key.

Seaforium can not fit in a key bag. You'll get used to it if you have to store keys in your regular bags.
If they had said this after they implemented a tabard/shirt interface(like mounts/pets/titles) then i would be all for it. But those items are sitting in my bank taking up space.

Overall I don't have a problem with this. I will miss my keys dearly, but as long as they make it so I don't need them(have to carry them in my regular bags/bank), I wont care I don't mind the removal of attunement for outdated instances. But how about making it so we don't have to do the attunement quests for MC/BWL to use the shortcuts.

On another note along with attunements; why do we still have to be in a raid group to enter raids? Its not like new people enter instances through the portals anymore, so we don't have to protect them from getting squashed by accidentally going in them.

Can't think straight. Too much booze
This change is exactly the head in the sand sort of issues that are plaguing the game right now.

This change's news was worded to make it sound initially like its a good thing when in fact it isn't.

1. You're taking away the ring(which you dont need to do btw). Satan forbid you actually ADD something instead of take something away.

2. You're dumping keys that are used (bs keys, etc) back into our pack inventories meaning we in some cases have to remove either those keys or remove other items that we wanted to keep... even IF you have the overflow system(since the overflow wont accomodate newly acquired keys for example.

Bashiok's patronizing requirement that -we- take the burden of inconvenience to accomodate their half baked plans on this and accuse us as not having foresight in the matter is just another example of how out of touch developers are with the player base.

If anyone doesnt have foresight, I would place that blame on the developers for not having the foresight to ---wait-- to implement this and announce it when they actually have a solution to the space issue so that the change and the solution are implemented at the same time.

So far, this attitude, gating, recylcling, and general hubris pretty much isnt working. Proof is in the 600k and growing sub drop.

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