Spirit beast won't unstealth

I right click the spirit walk box to remove auto stealth.
Then when I try to click the button to remove stealth, it says ability not ready yet, and the pet stays stealthed.

This is seriously affecting my DPS. because my pet is still auto stealthing and it has to sneak upto mobs instead of running.

Is there a macro that removes stealth, because the usual cast macro also says ability not ready yet...

/cast Spirit Walk(Bonus Ability)
Have your pet attack a dummy right click so your pet cant stealth(the spell book move stealth under pets) and he'll unstealth dont use stealth anymore til blizz fixes
unstealth then dismiss and call
cool, so its a bug and not my UI :P
thanks for tips
doesn't work but thanks
Bump I dont want stupid banthalos goin stealth :(

Nevermind comment earlier was correct :D
the second comment from the top was correct, right click the stealth ability have it attack something then dont click it again, it works, thanks ^^
Doesn't a Sbeast hit for 20% more coming out of stealth? Why would you turn that off?

Misdirect FTW?
I can confirm that clicking un stealth, then taking Bulvinkel to a dummy and having him attack it did indeed keep his stealth off.
05/17/2011 09:08 PMPosted by Skullkeepa
cool, so its a bug and not my UI :P
thanks for tips

It's no bug, it's always been that way, your pet will unstealth on the next attack or relog and stay unstealthed

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