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I am wondering how RP works for Hunters when it comes to being a Blood Elf. Given the shift from Mana to Focus I can't help wonder how the magic addiction is supposed have gone down for Hunters (and Rogues and Warriors for that matter). While I know that with the Sunwell renewed we are not thirsty "crackelves" any longer, however that is simply because we have a reliable source of magical energy to enjoy - the "addiction", as I understand it, has not been cured, only appeased.

So how did it work before the renewing of the Sunwell? How does it work now?

If a Hunter chose not to RP as part of the Farstriders, how would s/he differ from those that do?

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My 2 cents about Blood Elves of the Less then magical flavor.

I think many of them took the same dedication route as say the High Elves had taken. However being as they are not simply /booted out of Sin'dorei Society many of them did have a craving for Mana like anyone else and took in Fel energies to supplement it, but the addiction was a lot less potent then say your Magi and priest who pretty much needed Mana as a life blood for spells etc etc. If you noticed many of those who where doomed to becoming Wretched the fastest back in Burning Crusade where in fact Magi. If you remember the Magistrix back in Thousand Needles you did the quest for to find a more "natural" non harmful way to get over her addiction only to hasten her downfall into becoming a Wretched. Pre-Cata that is.

Post Sunwell rekindling I would think that the Hunters and Rogues where on the same bench for the most part as they where in Burning Crusade. Only that they now no longer have any addiction what so ever due to being able to take in a more pure source of energy from the new Holy fount of power. Just enough to make them not thirsty then they where good to go for a damn long time.

Think of it this way with their Addiction, "You've lived your life always having Drink X in hand to the point where if Drink X was no longer in production you would start to experience withdrawals of a very unhappy kind.". Replace Drink X with Mana and there you go.

As for RP'ing as a Non member of the Farstrider. Could always just call yourself a Huntress or a Ranger. Not really sure how one can step out of the Farstrider name too well but I've seen people pull it off fairly well.
I'd like to add that it's important to remember that the Blood Elves were completely infused with magic from the Sunwell. It was a part of their physical being whether they cast spells or not. When it was corrupted, it would have been like taking the oxygen away from someone. You don't notice it until it's gone, and when it does go you need to find a replacement fast. (I'm using that analogy more for the feeling of it. An elf wouldn't suffocate if it didn't have an energy source.)
The mana to focus change should be purely seen as a game balancing mechanic considering even today Hunters still use “arcane shots” and “black arrows”, both which are fairly magic oriented in nature. The Dev’s tried to use focus before and it wasn’t implemented well so Mana was just a really long temp fix.

Hunters, especially the Farstriders, were viewed as being more noble in the sense that they did not have such crippling withdrawals from the arcane addiction because they were less dependent on it in comparison. A ranger is exposed to less arcane energy within the blood in comparison to a mage or any other caster type. But they still had to endure with Withdrawls. Even Vereesa Windrunner, if to comment from Night of the Dragon, knows had she not lived in the company of a mage(Rhonin) she too was very close to becoming a wretched herself at one point. Hunters were resilient, but not invulnerable.

This caused some friction with the other “factions” in Silvermoon where the Striders were looking down on their more addicted/crazed brothers and sisters and the Magisters snubbing their ranger fellows for their haughty attitude when it came to doing whatever was needed to satisfy their cravings. You don’t have to go any further than the hunter trainer flavor text. “Ah, finally someone sane around here. What can I do for you?” in response to fellow hunters.

Now, with the Sunwell restore, there’s an immediate source to hold the addiction back. But how you play it is really up to you. I, for example, have a hunter who spent an extremely long tour of duty in Outland. She’s been exposed to some of the most potent and chaotic forms of magic just rolling in the atmosphere. As potent as the Sunwell is, she still feels the need to tap into fel or any nearby mana crystal to hold withdrawals back. It’s a slowly changing process. In the future, she won’t need to but as for now, the addiction is still a major characteristic.

For you it can be whichever way you’d like and still be acceptable. If you want to go Charlie Sheen when it comes to mana, that’s all fine and great just as a noble and disciplined Farstrider who resists madness from strength of will.

As for RPing a non-Farstrider, I feel those would be looked upon more as mercenaries or the like. The major difference would be Farstriders are clearly a faction of Silvermoon’s forces, and thus receive the backing of the state and whatever pool of resources available. As any military force they would have permissions above the common citizen. Someone outside that however would not.
Expanding on Ansirem's point on magic.

My Blood Elf rogue uses magic. She enchants her weapons, her movements. I use magic being an IC reason for her agility. Sin'dorei are so well infused with magic from birth that its part of their every day life, hence why they were so weak when their well was destroyed. But further on my original, selfish point. My rogue uses magic, not in the same manner as a mage and what not. But in a much more subtle method. She uses it to vanish from sight with Illusional based spells, she uses it to cleanse her body of lingering pains(Cloak of Shadows). She uses it to 'fade'.

Game mechanics =/= Lore.

Focus is a game mechanic.
I'm no expert on elven lore whatsoever so feel free to correct me here, but I thought I read that the Rangers didn't necessarily succumb to the addiction? Or that many were able to overcome it to protect their people. What I've read about the rangers, they're really a mix of warrior, rogue and hunter. (as they can stealth, fight ranged, and on the front lines like a warrior).
Thanks so much for all of these great responses. It helps a great deal! I had originally only moved my Paladin over to WrA but I learned to love the RP aspect of the game so much that I couldn't go back to a 'normal' server and I missed my Hunter desperately, first character and all.

I am fairly certain that my Hunter will have come from, at the very least, a Farstrider's background. I love the idea of the guerilla tactics they use in battle and how dedicated they are to nature in a non-druidic way. I'm only concerned about my pet, as it will be a major part of my RP and from what I have read the pets are not a huge aspect of being a Farstrider? Maybe that is flexible. :P

If Hunters really are that common I would assume it would be because of how much potential they have when it comes to RP. However, I have to say that when I came over I was shocked by how few hunters I saw, from any race - Maybe I'm just playing at a special time of the day, but all I ever see is DKs and Paladins.
05/19/2011 05:11 AMPosted by Zazikikomo
T'e most common race on WrA be Blood Elf, and t'e most common class be Hunter

Believe it or not, Humans actually beat out the Blood Elves as most popular race in WrA...
Traditionally, the Farstriders spend a minimal time in cities. They pride themselves of goind far and wide to defend silvermoon's borders, rather than stay cooped up in towns.

But since I doubt people are Rping them that way, it could be from spending time in Silvermoon, where the popular types are either Blood Knights or wannabe villains in the form of DKs.

And while Farstiders are more "Marksmen" brand of hunters as opposed to synergy with beasts, like their NE counterparts, it's not an aspect worth fretting about and is extremely flexible. You can even use the game mechanics part of their being pet trainers in SMC to fortify your character's reasoning.

The Farstrider Defense Initiative may be something you’d want to look at if you want to find a group of like-minded Rpers and all. My experiences with them have been just excellent.
Ok, so a couple things I want to point out/speculate on. Some of which have already been said. Sorry if I'm (as always) a bit TLDR...

First - all Blood Elves are addicted to the arcane energies - even those who don't necessarily align to "magic-user" classes. As Ansirem stated, due to those thousands of years in immediate proximity to the Sunwell, it's infused into their beings even if they aren't necessarily actively accessing it.

A pair of bad analogies incoming... think of a child born addicted to a substance due to the usage of its mother. Or a proximity buzz at a party. Indirect usage, but the effect is the same.

The arcane absorption techniques are still maintained by the non-magic user classes, because they needed those techniques to fulfill their own needs regardless. Focus vs. mana is a game mechanic, as others have said - and should not be taken to mean that any Blood Elf does not "need" arcane energy.

Second - this is a bit more squabbling and a personal argument, but regardless. The Elves are still addicts. They are not "cured" by the restoration of the Sunwell - they're enabled by it. They have a constant source of much cleaner energy than the practices they were relying on before, so it's infinitely safer - but they're still dependent on the energy to survive/avoid pain.

Someone once gave me a good way to look at it. Prior to the restoration of the Sunwell, the way Elves got their fix was very akin to how an addict gets theirs in the real world - a sudden shot that gives them an instant type of surge. Now, the Sunwell acts as a sort of IV drip - streaming a constant supply of just the right amount, to keep them balanced.

Theoretically, if that's the right way to look at it, then Elves don't "need" the previous absorption methods. However, one could argue that maybe their Elf prefers the more fel-tinged energies. Or prefers the rush of the instant high and wants to amplify beyond what the Sunwell provides. Sinsaria's example was very good for why her character still wants/needs those other energies.

It's also not clear exactly how far the range of the Sunwell's restoration lies. Obviously Quel'thalas, and the original Sunwell seemed to have a planet-wide range, but Outland would reasonably have no connection, and at least in these early days of the restored Sunwell, one could argue that the further away from Silvermoon one goes and the longer they're gone, the worse the cravings get.

Third - it's completely appropriate, in my mind, to play a Blood Elf Hunter that is not a Farstrider.

In fact, if you look at the organization, in my mind Farstriders are closer to a hybrid class that's a mix between Rogue and Hunter than a pure Hunter archetype anyways, so it boggles me why people seem to think Hunter/Farstrider go hand in hand like that.

You could play a Blood Elf Hunter as a more traditional Hunter - a character with a deep connection to nature/animals who forms a bond with an animal companion to fight together... you could do a mercenary type character, etc.

As far as how they'd differ from Farstriders... I would consider Farstriders would probably look down on a non-Farstrider Hunter-type. Their skillset (while not exact - hybrid type role as I said) would fit well to the Farstriders, so not being a member might be looked at as a sign of personal selfishness - "why aren't you serving the nation with your gifts" and so forth.

For their own part, a more traditional Hunter would probably consider Farstriders to be trapped, or stodgier sorts. Alternatively they might view them as something to aspire to - "I'm not a Farstrider yet, but I will be!"

But that's probably rare. Generally speaking, Elves have a Brave New World vibe going on - pretty much any profession of society has convinced itself that it's the ideal one. Better to be a Magister than a Farstrider, better to be a Farstrider than a Rogue, better to be a Rogue than a Magister, etc. etc. If your character has purposefully gone in one direction at the cost of another, they're probably convinced they made the best choice.
And what about the House? She wouldn't be a part of the nobility, so what house would she belong to? (Im so, so new to thise. :x)
05/19/2011 04:46 PMPosted by Vraie
And what about the House? She wouldn't be a part of the nobility, so what house would she belong to? (Im so, so new to thise. :x)

Don't have to be a part of any house.
Hunters technically should have never used mana. High/Blood Elves would still be addicted to magic no matter what. It's honestly two different points, I guess. Rogues never used anything but energy, and we all know there were High/Blood Elven warriors before we got them in game.

So really, you could pretend they've been using focus the entire time. That doesn't change that they're addicted (and you're completely correct about the Sunwell sating that addiction, while not curing it.)

Blarst it wit'cher gun.

S'about as complicated as you needs to make it.

Gonna go with this.

Not all hunters and rogues have to be Farstriders, either. It's certainly a prestigious group to be apart of (inb4 haters, I'm talking ~lore~), but that's up to your character when it comes down to them wanting to join or not.
T'e most common race on WrA be Blood Elf, and t'e most common class be Hunter

Believe it or not, Humans actually beat out the Blood Elves as most popular race in WrA...

Blood Elves are 25% of WRA, humans are 12% according to
Hunters and Paladins both tie for most played on the server at 13%

EDIT: info added
Blood Elves are 25% of WRA, humans are 12% according to
Hunters and Paladins both tie for most played on the server at 13%

I musta been looking at old data, then. I know at one point, Belves and Humans were tied.

(That or it was the general population of the game. One or the other)
05/19/2011 04:46 PMPosted by Vraie
And what about the House? She wouldn't be a part of the nobility, so what house would she belong to? (Im so, so new to thise. :x)

The "House" thing - as far as I'm aware - is really more of a player creation than anything to do with actual Blood Elven politics. If you WoWPedia "House," in fact, you get Human noble families - House of Greymane, House of Menethil, etc. They're the ruling families of respective Kingdoms.

The closest info to the ruling structure of Silvermoon I could find was here - the Convocation of Silvermoon.

Which, for what it's worth, is suspected to be largely defunct at the moment.

That isn't to say that the Elves don't have social classes - obviously they have a divide of rich and poor, laborers & elite, Lords and peasants, etc.

But if we assume that the closest thing to the Houses are these assorted Elven Lords & Ladies - say, for example, a noble who owns a few thousand acres in Quel'thalas that provides such income as to enable them to hire household guards, personal magi, etc. - that doesn't mean that it's requisite that your character serve one. They're a viable employer, certainly. If your character is looking for work there's no reason they couldn't become a scout or maid or something of that effect for a noble family/House - but it's not an obligation. They could just as easily join the army, become an independent mercenary, etc.

And Silvermoon does, for what its worth, demonstrate some attributes of social mobility - while it's unlikely your character could ever become King/Queen, etc. it does seem like citizens can gain a fair degree of rank in avenues like the military, etc.

One more thing to consider - keep in mind that for 99% of the time, what a Blood Elf considers peasantry or a meager living - probably seems pretty comfortable to most other races. This is a nation that revels in opulence, that has enchanted brooms to sweep the streets, etc. It's not to say there aren't people other Elves would consider poor - just that, again, just because an Elf thinks you're poor because your clothes aren't made of mageweave doesn't mean that a woman begging on the streets of Stormwind thinks you're poor when she sees they're made of silk.

Sorry to prattle on so much.

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