What Anti Virus do you use?

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I use Kaspersky, but just the proactive defense. I tried using all the features, but it becomes a resource hog then. That, and it occasionally blocks/disables my modem (might be a bad omen, but can't really live without the internet).
Surprised no one mentioned it. ESET Smart Security 4. Mainly for Nod32.

I did have have the older Nod32 3 version before though.

While I do use the firewall it could be a bit better or some features could be improved upon.

Other than than just Firefox with adblock and WoT. No script blockers at this time. Although I did have no script at one time.

It's not too much of a resource hog considering I have an i7.
Verizon Internet Security Suite
05/20/2011 07:02 PMPosted by Adalaide
Oh, and common sense while browsing the internet and using the computer.

I use this and Norton. Seems to work out well enough for somebody that knows very little about computers.
avg, spybot and malwarebytes
05/22/2011 07:45 AMPosted by Masq
avg, spybot and malwarebytes


i dont see how anyone can feel comfortable only using one scanner, unless you really filter your browsing
Spybot browser addon
Maleware bytes
CC cleaner
and i do a manual check aswell - %temp%
Norton was a virus. Recent Norton products are actually pretty good now. D:

Not that I'd use it when free alternatives are just as good.
Hmm, I actually got a free 3-license Kaspersky PURE 2011 serial from work and am debating whether to use it.

Not using any real-time protection currently, but I really don't want a performance hit or annoying notifications all the time.
05/22/2011 07:45 AMPosted by Masq
avg, spybot and malwarebytes

I use those three as well, but I have heard that avg misses a ton of stuff, which is why you need to run maleware bytes and spybot with it. Also don't leave avg active, it uses a ton of cpu.
Running multiple AVs is actually not a good idea.

The software can conflict with each other and cause some issues.
I pay for avast! for the quality of their real-time protection. I use this in conjunction with a router firewall, windows firewall ( with very specific rules), a stand-alone open source "port dog" for linux and i hide behind a proxy. Im not paranoid. Im just tired of re-formatting every damn time i hit a "questionable" http site.

also, when i absolutely have to copy/download from an ftp server, i use a hex editor to scrutinize every little piece of data.
Sorry I will not publish what I use ..but lets say it is not Norton or McAfee (a very nasty virus got past both of these programs which at the time were updated regularly and current, will never use either of them again.. to me the only thing worse than McAfee or Norton is no program at all ) :D What I am using is multi layered as well. Yes a persistent hacker could get in, but with plenty of easier targets out there I doubt they would even bother
Trend Micro works well for me, updates on its own and scans on its own. I enjoy p0rn so I figured buying a high rated virus protector was essential to keeping my pc safe.

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