[H]<Sweet Victory> 10/10H LF Range/Healer

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Bump Rogue slot is now filled
Looking fill Core Spots
Rogue - Filled
Frost DK - with a geared and skilled Tank off Spec
Fire Mage - Skilled and Geared
Boomkin - Skilled and Geared
Resto Shammy - with Ele off Spec
Shadow Priest - With Healing off spec
Feral Druid - DPS with Tank Off Spec

Heroic Progression and also pushing for a Strong MOTP Xpac

Apps can be placed on our Website: sweetvictory-thrall.guildlaunch.com
bumpp :D
moar bumps
Make that 4/8 HM, Let's get some more down this week
Make that 5/8 HM, Great Job SV
Bump! Woot remembered to bring my authenticator to work today hehe.
oh hai
Make that 6/8 hm, Great Job SV
Bumps for more spine attempts this week :D
bump bump
Bump for apps and hopefully good attempts at h spine this week
Haven't updated in awhile but we have been 6/8 for awhile now

We are looking to fill a few 25man core spots
If you're skilled and would like to join our main progression group we are currently looking to fill:

Frost DK - with a geared and skilled
Fire Mage - Skilled and Geared
Boomkin - Skilled and Geared
Shadow Priest - With Healing Off Spec
Feral Druid - DPS with Tank Off Spec
Resto Druid - with DPS Off Spec
Too the top
Looking threw Post, I noticed you are still looking for afew more.
Im a 402 Holy/ 404 Frost / 396 Blood Dk all Pve spec looking to possibly Transfer to a new server. I currently Play Unholy, but am versed in Frost just as well.
If Me and a few friends agree to join this server, Id also like to post this for them aswell.
One is a Feral Tank with a 400 Ilvl that can do any off spec as needed. As we use him for Resto, Feral Dps and Boomkin sometimes just depending on what we need him for.
The other is or Healer. Hes a 405 Ilvl Holy Priest. That has a Disc off spec but hates Disc. He' been our main healer since we started Dragon Soul.
We all are 6/8 Heroic, with many attempts on Spine.
Also we might bring over some of our Guild mates. So there is a possibility that there might be more.
If you need more info, Just post and Ill do what I can.
The Tank name is Slimydruid
Healer is Darkpixie.
We all are on Sargeras
Bump ~~~ Sweet Victory FTW ~~~
^ what he said

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