[H]<Sweet Victory> 10/10H LF Range/Healer

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higha on da forums
ya toss an app on the site we are always looking for skilled players to clear out the rest of this content, and also looking to build a strong team heading into mist Toss an app on our website and we will talk more there.
meep bump
Bump we have a couple core raiding spots open, Looking for warlock, boomkin, Ele Shammy, S priest, and any skilled players are always welcome to app, please visit our website http://sweetvictory-thrall.guildlaunch.com/ and place an app for review.
Heroic Deathwing finally dead, Looking for more for progression Mop
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Keep those apps coming
Lets see more disc/holy priests app
Hey kiddos, I'm looking for a group to raid with for a while. I just want to contribute. I have most of my BiS gear up to about half way through DS Heroics. I play Arms, love and miss Fury, and am equipped to play as a Tank if needed as such. Just popped back onto the server yesterday, so I'm feeling around for somewhere to kill bosses with.

I'm not heavily interested in new gear, so I suppose that's a benefit to those around me looking to improve themselves more before the new expansion hits. I just want to kill things.

In case anyone wants to know, yes I am the real Throock. If not, then disregard that. :P
I'm in RD because I was invited here from the Thrall Facebook page. I never left it, and they were kind enough to take me in while I look for a home here.
These guys buy RBG Rating... Fail
Bump we are looking for skilled players for mop progression, apps can be placed on our website: http://sweetvictory-thrall.guildlaunch.com
We currently looking to fill a Main Tank Spot, and 2 healing Spots in our core 25man raid, progression raids starts October 2-2012 9:30 to 12:00, PST in game if you have any question look for Mysticknight or Newman, Apps can be place on our website sweetvictory-thrall.guildlaunch.com, Also all skilled and Active welcome to App
We are now 4/16 T14
Taking apps for Tanks/Healers and skilled players over all app at our website: http://sweetvictory-thrall.guildlaunch.com/
[H]Sweet Victory-25M MoP MV6/6 HoF 3/6 LFM
Looking to fill core raiding spots, needing range skilled geared casters
bump progression update
MSV 1/6H, HOF 6/6N, ToEs 3/4N

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