[H]<Sweet Victory> 10/10H LF Range/Healer

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Bump progress update 4/6H,6/6,4/4
Bump, We are currently looking to fill some core range dps spots for our progression 25man team.
Bump we are currently looking t fill core healing and range dps spots apply on our website!
I have a 506 Warlock with 9/12 exp, but I would only be able to make Fri and Sat raid times. If interested please just let me know on here.

Bump Looking to fill range dps and a healing spot
bump still neeing a handful of skilled players to fill our tanks hit me up in game if you have any questions mysticknight#1390
Bump in the trunk for the good folks in SV.

V/R Darcfrost, Friend to Murloc's everywhere...MRRGGGLLLL!!!!
Epic fistbump, grats on the birdie!
Bump looking for a few more skilled raiders looking to push SoO hard
Bump currently 8/14 SoO
bump now 10/14
Heroic SOO 8/14
Currently offering core raiding spots for skilled and geared Mage and Warlock.
Always looking for skilled players looking to progress.
We currently have high demand for Warlocks and range dps
We currently have a priest healing spot open

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