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On Tuesday of this week, one of my guild's healers logged out, but remained listed as "online" by the guild roster. /who and /whisper both tell me that he's offline, but the roster is stubbornly convinced that he's logged in and standing in Blackwing Descent.

He hasn't logged on since Tuesday, so I'm not 100% sure if this is causing problems for him or not, but since he hasn't posted anything on our guild website, I'm inclined to think it's just a graphical error. I could be wrong, though.
i logged out of my guild <NOT A BIG DEAL> on blackrick and when i logged back on i was kicked out of the guild?? i dont know what happened
I'm having the same problem. At first I thought the guildie's kid was just getting really addicted to WoW, but then a few days later she logged in on the same account that his toon is on, and it's still showing he's online.

And until tonight his toon was the only one having that problem. But when my guild leader and I were done bging, he logged and I afk'd away. When I came back on it showed he was still on, but he wasn't logged onto vent, and when I tried to whisper him it said "no player by that name is currently playing". And when I checked my real id, he wasn't logged on.

So I don't know whats going on but now it's two people are listed as always on. It's kind of annoying.

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