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UI and Macro
ive recently geared up my shaman, and im interested in healing in arenas. ive come to the decision that using a healbot isn't worth the trouble due to the limited vision, but i had an idea and i need some help with it. i want to fill my 1-9 on my actionbars for heals in sets of 3, meaning 1-3 being riptide, 4-6 being healing surge, and 7-9 being healing wave. and for the 1-3, it would be cool if i could have 1 cast riptide on me, 2 cast riptide on party member 1, and 3 cast riptide on party member 2 and so on for other skills. is this possible? if so i would greatly appreciate it if someone could come up with the base macro and i could fill in the blanks, thanks in advance!
/cast [@player] Riptide

/cast [@party1] Riptide

/cast [@party2] Riptide
u most more likely to find it easier to use alt,shift,crtl mod's so u can have much cleaner bar and more room for bindings

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