ATTENTION nz players!

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this thread is relevant to my interests.
Saurfang (US) has a few NZ friendly guilds. My guild Octane even has NZ friendly raiding times.
I wish server transfers weren't so expensive, anyway I made a baby human warlock by the same name on Saurfang.
Nz players should unite on 1 server!
There is one guild in Caelestraz called Hone Harawira's Whanua full of NZ players I'm assuming.
I've been horde-side Frostmourne for 5 years, don't come across many kiwis though.
NZ FTW! on a serious note, you are welcome to come join us here on Barth :-D while a lot of the guild is aus (the unfortinate conciquence of them being a hell'a lot bigger than us) we raid much better times. 9:30pm - 12pm usually, on thursdays and sundays. 10 man guild, our core have been raiding together since Ulduar.
I'm aware of a few guilds here on Nagrand who have high numbers of kiwi players. Class A Kiwi's springs to mind.
Greenstone on Dath'Remar is also allmost entirely Kiwi
come ova to gundrak. theres like 3 or 4 ova here. :P
My guild runs 8.30 - 11.30 NZ time, 2-3 days a week.

I would suggest Oceanic Guild Recruitment, but (a) there's so much volume there that your post gets lost if you don't bump it thrice daily, (b) it's mostly full of people who are 6/8H+ looking for guilds, and 6/8H guilds looking for people.
12 horde guilds on Gundrak have killed Morchok

As far as I know, we are the only one with mostly Kiwis; the others are Aus or SG.
I can't away from the bastards on Dath'Remar! Bloody everywhere... seeping into my guilds... then my Real ID... and now my Facebook... damn kiwis <3
I wish server transfers weren't so expensive otherwise I'd jump ship.

12/29/2011 01:27 AMPosted by Myadi
Greenstone on Dath'Remar is also allmost entirely Kiwi

^ I saw this and thought, someone needs to register "Pwnamu" as a NZ PvP guild name :)
Hello. I'm looking for a Kiwi only or a Kiwi-majorly guild, for raiding, alliance side.
anyone? :)
I've done h morchok, and the others on normal, looking for a friendly kiwi guild with a nice social vibe
Id really like to talk to you Elianora. My guilds details are on

to anybody looking for a drama free mature playerbase home please add me to real ID.
NZ times 8 - 11 pm NZT, mon / wend / thur with active weekend alt runs (x2) and RGB teams (x2) we use DKP, and an officer council so no one member controls the guild. have been stable and active for 4 years.

Hit me up if you are looking for a change.

- Logbo
I have read that the internet speeds are slow in NZ. How is online game play? I'll be moving back soon. I am currently beyond spoiled with my 50-60mbps.

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