ATTENTION nz players!

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Anyone thats not NZer GTFO!

Never met a nice NZer..Honest lol. No offense.
From what I hear the best new zealand guild is Kia Ora on Jubei'thos

They only do normal DS but they're really friendly no ragers.
Hey. :D

Khaz'Goroth PVE is full of NZers.
Frostmourne has heaps of Kiwis, a lot of people in the guild are either from Wellington or Auckland. We had our differences though so they put us each in separate raid groups lol.

One thing that will never stop though are the Aussies bashing on us and our sheep..
Kia Ora Lolmuch

I am also a Kiwi - from Otago. We are a split NZ/Aus guild that transferred off Dunemaul for two reasons - firstly the fact that Dunemaul had died and secondly basically the exact issue you describe.

We are now on Frostmourne recruiting more Kiwis and Aussies and having a great time setting everything back up again.

My sole advice is transfer to Oceanic! Frostmourne is awesome. We are really loving it.

Naku noa, na

Anyone thats not NZer GTFO!

Never met a nice NZer..Honest lol. No offense.

Bro... you related to Greg Chappell by chance? ;)
Saurfang has a few Kiwi's, as does Barth, My DK's guild (League of Hidden Heroes (Horde)) for example has about 5-6 Kiwi's that are on alot.. Been on Saurfang 3 yrs and my brother's been on for 4. Also if you want an Ally Kiwi Guild on Saurfang, try Weetbix Warriors.. they're a good mix of Kiwis and Aussies. ^_^

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Im a kiwi in Dreadmaul it sounds like I should be on Frostmourne.

Out of interest many Kiwis on Dreadmaul
Mate, you're on the wrong server for a start! Dath'Remar is full of Kiwis. Probably half my Real ID list is made up of them.

As for Guilds, Alliance has Abraxas (hardcore raiding guild), Greenstone (more casual now I think) and a few others.

Dath'Remar Kiwi population? Quite high tbh.

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