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I'm trying to come up with a few entertaining guild ranks to add to my guild. The current rank system has a MC hammer theme (I know you're jealous). I'd like to keep with something along those lines, but need an idea for a raiders rank. What ranks do you use in your guild?
Rank 1: Sausage Wagon
Rank 2: Cheese Wagon
Rank 3: Bread Wagon
Rank 4: Master Sandwich Maker
Not for this profile's guild but for my warrior's guild.

Rank 1: Ni Hao hackers
Rank 2: Probationary
Rank 3: Gettin Ma' Phoenix
Rank 4: Member Alt
Rank 5: Member
Rank 6: Raider
Rank 7: Minion alt
Rank 8: Minions
Rank 9: Robot Overlord

Reverse the order of the ranks, rank 1 should be Guild Master.
While I dont have any suggestions, I thought i'd share my guilds quirk. We were originally a Mass Effect themed guild: Cerberus. We had vent channels laid out as the Normandy SR2. But now... Our guild leader has gone on a Pony Spree. He found and fell in love with My Little Pony, Friendship is magic. The whole vent is decked out as the kingdom in the show. /sigh... Bronies...

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