What's the best way to make gold in game

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Hundreds of veteran players weighed in on the subject of making lots of gold in the auction house in this edition of New Player Tips in our blog: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/1981090
05/17/2011 03:11 PMPosted by Kaivax
Hundreds of veteran players weighed in on the subject of making lots of gold in the auction house in this edition of New Player Tips in our blog: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/1981090

I think Kaivax said: Wogaboga lologa mongola
roughly translates to: I has all your golds

jk jk

Finishing the rest of the Cata questing areas helps a ton too and gives you some time to explore :>
mostly professions and selling useless equipable goods and less spending >_>
05/17/2011 03:18 PMPosted by Oldstyle
SHould just ask blizzard to start selling gold as a premium service.
The more gold in the game means higher prices in the AH. It might cause inflation, so selling things in the AH might become that much greater then spending cash for gold anyways.
A good way i make gold is running Molten core and BWL for the Sulfuron Ingots and Elementium Ingots which sell in our AH for about 1k to 1800g a piece
Roll an alt to start gathering... if you haven't done it yet, roll a DK which gives you a 55-level head start.
05/17/2011 03:15 PMPosted by Faline
Gathering professions

Will not ever net you the kind of money you can make by crafting or buying low and selling high on the AH. Just as a value of time spent vs. gold made, gathering is at the absolute lowest return on your investment. In addition, the longer the xpac goes, the less your gathered materials are worth. Meanwhile, the overhead on crafted goods typically remains the same.

The only time where gathering is a truly profitable profession is right when a new mat becomes available. When cata started, obsidium or elementium were going for 100's of gold a stack. Now elementium ore is 20-30g a stack on my server. I'm sure in 4.2 or somewhere down the line, a new type of ore or herb will become available and skyrocket the return on your time spent farming. But that time isn't now.

In some ways, working the AH is just as time consuming. Try being a glyph or gem seller. You'll need to have 100's of auctions up at any given time to make money, and you'll have to contend with getting undercut by other people doing the same. The toughest part about making gold is to find a market you can compete in. Be creative.

My recommendation is transformative gold. Take one thing, turn it into another, profit. At the end of wrath I made 1000's of gold buying mithril on the AH for 30-40g a stack, AFK smelt the ore and sell the bars for 100-150g a stack. This is the simplest example and required very little of time or effort on my part and put gold in my pocket while I wasn't even playing the game. The longest part of the process is smelting, which I would do while I was watching TV or sleeping.
not sure my main gets high priced things in dungeons and the sells them in the ah
05/17/2011 03:51 PMPosted by Hortitsa
Here's how it works. You ask how to make gold. Then other people either lie to you or don't know what they are talking about, because NO ONE is going to welcome you as competition and teach you their gold making methods. You're on your own. Go make gold.

Couldn't agree more, also remember tips/tricks from ppl on your realm are far better then ppl from other realms because they are on your realm economy and may know how you realm economics work.

Remember every1 can give tips and tricks to make gold but the way to make gold is figure out a method that works for u.

Got 30k gold for getting the phoenix drake for downing all raid bosses. A causal guild with loads of members had 300k to spare :P

All we had to do was drop guild and that was that.

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