<Dark Haven> 2/13 hm recruiting

We have had a very slow start getting to focus on current hard modes, and are finally about where we need to be. We need a couple more solid players to help round out our team. Raid times are Tues, Thurs and Sunday 5:30-9:30 server. If you cant make all three days on a consistent basis, dont waste time applying. If you dont know your class in and out and cant perform to a level expected of you, dont waste time applying.

Currently looking for
Solid tank (One that doesnt have streaming vids stealing bandwith would be super)
Shaman healer
Possibly another tank or mage/warlock

Contact myself, Darthceltic, or Ganju in game or ask any member of <Dark Haven> to get ahold of one of us. Or feel free to visit our website at www.dhbaelgun.com
Blood DK would be sumthin like a bawz
To the top
World didnt end, still in need of a Tank.


We can gear a tank in no time, App up for a stable spot in our core 10 HM's.

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