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where does the idea for the Horde symbol come from in lore. is it from Azhara?
if so how did the old horde got it before stepping on Azeroth?
is there an explanation for this?
Azshara didn't always look like that. The Bilgewater goblins reshaped it after they joined the Horde.
To me it always looked like a bloody hoof print >.>
It's an orcish glyph, they had letters and blood texts apparently.

... Y'know I'm wondering if Orc blood makes good ink or something now.
Judging from some of the banners in the Bonechewer Ruins in Terokkar Forest, I think it's based off a wolf's paw print. Obviously it's stylized, but on those older banners you can kinda make out toes and a main pad.

It may also be an orcish rune.
A variation of the symbol seems to have been around for a long time, as the mag'har use a variation of it, and the model files call their architecture "ancient orc". Though it may have been painted on things later, and model files are not lore.

Non-lore-wise, it may have originally been a very stylized H (like the Alliance L), as it was much more square at first, but that is pushing it. It may just be a badass rune.

It has alot of varriations, if you look around azeroth and Outland you can find at least a dozen
The new banner came from the Frozen Throne bonus campaign "Old Hatreds". The origins are unclear from there.
It's a toilet seat.

its probobly some rune in orcish or something like that, that has a significance as a unifying symbole.

note: avoid breaking any bones in your hands... it makes typeing harder than killing a frost mage as a warrior.
Haven't you seen the guild mount?

It's clearly a scorpion.
05/19/2011 09:56 PMPosted by Mustrum
note: avoid breaking any bones in your hands... it makes typeing harder than killing a frost mage as a warrior.

My condolences.

thank you, ive been typeing like my dad for over a week now. full on one hand, and indext finger on the other
Like Rocketfeller said, the Horde have their own literacy system. It's probably in the same way that Lordaeron's symbol is a big stylized L.

Just because the Horde had a warrior-culture and were largely hunters before the horde formed doesn't mean they weren't a relatively advanced culture, by Warcraft's standards.

The only thing really separating the Orcs from the humans was a lacking knowledge of Arcane magic and architecture.

And looking at Orc buildings, I'd say they sure as hell caught up on Architecture. And now they have mages too. I don't think, so far as civilization advancement goes, there are any differences between Orcs and Humans.

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