Best druid horde race pvp.

Tauren or troll?
Troll. Troll. Troll. Troll. Troll. Troll. Troll.



I love my Moocow Pala but come on. I'm a troll!

Plus the racials are ballin' as a Boomchicken.
Since you are in pvp feral gear on your nelf, i assume you want to xfer her.

For feral pvp, Tauren is the best imo.
Troll got slow reduction(not that good on feral cause of shifting) and a mini lust.
Tauren got more hp and an aoe stun
05/22/2011 10:22 PMPosted by Enuamatali
Tauren or troll?

The tauren racial "War Stomp" is handy, and now is even better since you can use it in form. Also taurens naturally have increased HP. Plus if you have herbalism, its almost instant cast to pick an herb, you hardly have to stop flying to pick an herb.
05/22/2011 11:32 PMPosted by Drued
warstomp while in a form is a big plus to pvp.

Yeah and its nice for charging into a crowd of mobs while tanking to stun them for a bit while u get off a thrash and a swipe.

tauren for horde side druid pvp.

Troll if you want to look like a Rainbow Cat.

Tauren if you want to impale someone on your head every time you interrupt them.

IMO Tauren. /win

'Nuff said :)
troll if you want to use enrage, it gives haste to CASTS not melee (boomer and resto benefits only from this)

tauren if you want more hp for tanking, and warstomp

By "enrage" I'm guessing you mean Berserking. Either way it does boost melee haste, feel free to make a level 1 troll druid, read the tooltip, open your character sheet, hit Berserking and watch your melee haste go up to 20%. If you have any proof otherwise please submit it here so we can try to get the attention of the devs to fix it. offense to our troll bretheren, but we are just that much cooler. who really cares about a 20% haste buff when ur melee attack started at 1second. has anyone noticed troll health regen mattering ever? da vodoo shuffle great for every other class. last i checked i couldn't equip a bow.

point made i belive.

i <3 you trolls, not as druids though. its not you its me, really
Ok so I went troll...because rainbow cat FTW!!! Troll racial passive totally matches my play style.
Warstomp is great no doubt and in some cases better in some pvp situations but not all. If we look at most feral strategies.. witch is getting the 5 combo points as fast as possible, get bleeds up as fast as possible, then kite, pop HoT's as fast as possible then re open.. Bezerking is quite handy for this. so in pvp i believe the 2 abilities are about equal in a since. there both good for pve and pvp.. being DPS or support, Healing or tanking. All in all it depends on the players play style and preference. i chose troll cuz it was new and not to many people had them at the time. ive seen other players before this and when it came down to it. the racial didn't matter, in my choice of race, there both good. But new and speed got my vote. whats yours.. thats the question =)
why you xferring? i wish i had shadow meld o.o

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