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Yes, you play this game, so does everyone else not just you. What Blizz is doing is NOTHING new, why do elitists act like they get blindsided by Blizz every patch? The patch will not effect you if you're doing the Fireland raids, so you should be just fine. I personally feel sry for Blizz, because you can please some of the ppl some of the time but you can't please all of the ppl all of the time. There will always be someone complaining.

Ya i know this is just the wrath model being continued. But blizz didn't always do things this way. So in fact it is a little new, because bc and vanilla were nothing like this. I just believe this another step in the wrong direction. Just like making 10 and 25 mans the same was a terrible idea and why most casuals are having a problem now with not enough content to do. See the thing is I have no problem with you guys doing the content. But why is it so elitist of me to think that you should have to do this content at the original difficulty? Considering gear will be more accessible you will already have a boost, how many more handouts do you really need? Many people enjoyed the raid progression in BC and are tired of the WOTLK nerf everything previous model and handout gear.

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