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do you think firelands raid will be the end game raid? i dont think it will.

End game raid =/= final raid of an xpack. It simply means that it's the raid that is the highest content you can do at the present time. End-game content consists of anything for max level characters. Daily questing, etc is all part of end-game content.
Exactly. Think of Naxx versus Ulduar. Sure, people ran Naxx for T7, but there was something better to get in Ulduar: T8.

This isn't nerfing content to make every raid in the game "more accessible". Firelands will be the business end of raiding and will be the pinnacle of raiding. The other raids won't matter much anymore after Firelands.
Not that I don't mind (I think it's a great change to make content more accessible), but wasn't there a blog post a while back about how one of the developers said that even though they knew raiding numbers were down a lot, that they were completely fine with that?
05/24/2011 09:35 AMPosted by Dokilar
no i understand that, im just speculating that firelands will be able to be reduced in difficulty like this tier and allow the legendary to be obtained easier.

I dont think that will be a problem seeing as its only as th new raid tier is released that the original tier is slight nerfed. Its still not hand held and auto win land for first raids
Nice, at least people who weren't able to see the raid content can do it now, BUT, is it too much to ask for better tuned fights when they are the current raid and by better tuned I don't mean as nerfed as they are going to be, but just more polished fights overall, so maybe people have a chance at doing them?
This game is way too easy now.
I'm not concerned with nerfing content already out when new is available. I'm worried about them fitting an entire tier's worth of loot onto 7 bosses.
Not surprising and makes really no difference to even the semi-serious raiders.
I'm okay with this.
Will we see the shaman pets (ie Fire/Earth Elemental) get the same effect as shadow priest/paladin pets? Is this even possible?
I'm all for nerfs to previous content so everyone can see it but wow... making these changes to accomplish that is like using a sledgehammer to open a nut.
But as long as they award justice points and not valor points all is well
i'm not bothered.. nerfing normal modes is a good thing, keeping heroic modes hard is even better.
Does Blizzard plan to remove any achievements or titles (ie. Defender of a Shattered World) with these raid changes? I ask because my leisurely guild group is still ambling its way toward Nef and Al'Akir kills, and I need to know whether to start applying pressure.

Nerfing the previous tier seems like a good idea to me. It will make it easier to gear up alts and whatnot for Firelands as well as increase the amount of pugs running these outdated raids. Yay for stuff to do on my alts in my free time.

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and yes please dont nerf any t11 heroic modes. some of us might want to try them later on just as hard as they were meant to be.

It gets my seal of support. I was afraid it's going to be heroic modes too, but with it only being normal, that is a perfectly fine way of letting everyone see the fights.

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