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Eh, good for the casual players. I don't really care because I'll be neck deep in the Firelands.

Edit: One change Blizzard should make, but won't... is to remove the title and mount in 4.2. Completing a neutered encounter shouldn't grant those same rewards.
I don't understand these changes. You're nerfing it so bad players can clear they can get their butts handed to them in T12. Nerfing everything by 20% across the board so they can get some shiny new epics from bosses they couldn't kill before isn't going to make them any better at the game. Pointless changes.
Oh man, time to go back and finish those raids with ez ^_^
05/24/2011 10:50 AMPosted by Zipzo
Hasn't that always been the case?

At what point during WotLK did anyone go back to Naxx and actually find it compelling or difficult?
I'm sorry, do you live in a world where Wrath of the Lich King was the first iteration of World of Warcraft?
It was simply an example as you are saying that this is a shift in how they operate.
Does Blizzard plan to remove any achievements or titles (ie. Defender of a Shattered World) with these raid changes? I ask because my leisurely guild group is still ambling its way toward Nef and Al'Akir kills, and I need to know whether to start applying pressure.


I don't see why they would remove any of this stuff. You can still get Starcaller and Bane of LK and the meta achievement drakes. So I"m assuming it's all staying.
This makes sense to me. With each new content release, the previous content tier is made more accessible. I have a feeling that part of the drive behind the outcries of 'this content is too tough!' was that there was not a previous set of content this expansion with the exception of pre-ZA/ZG heroic 5 mans to spend time with.

As long as it's only the normal modes (359 gear) and not the heroics (372) that are being so significantly nerfed, I think the divide between dedicated raiding guilds and the more casual ones won't be blurred.

I'm all for a smaller gap between a fresh 85 who's willing to frontload some effort and one who's ready to jump into the current content tier. Making previous tier content more accessible is in line with that idea.

05/24/2011 10:16 AMPosted by Anshahak
*sigh* so much for feeling like I met and beat a challenge.

oh but you didn't, unless this is your alt
With all these lame abrupt tuning changes that go on after each release of content why does blizzard refuse to make more than 2 difficulties of raids and 85 dungeons.

That is what I want to know.

The most optimal would be:
-Insanely difficult mode
-Harder than normal mode
-Easy mode, very easy.

And not be all grubby about the gear either, make it scale less from each difficulty like by only 3 points, gear scales way to freaking fast anyways once you hit 85 its so ridiculous. One thing I hate about this game is the gear system design on so many levels.

Seriously, the same type of work that goes into all these "comprehensive tuning adjustments" is the exact same time, and not difficult to work on to put in place, particularly for the lower 2 lax modes.
05/24/2011 10:51 AMPosted by Gummydrop
I don't understand these changes. You're nerfing it so bad players can clear they can get their butts handed to them in T12. Nerfing everything by 20% across the board so they can get some shiny new epics from bosses they couldn't kill before isn't going to make them any better at the game. Pointless changes.

What a crock of dribble. Pointless changes? Um, no. I and many many other people will be quite happily raiding for T11 after this. Hm.. you must have meant pointless to your self-centered view of the world... oh I see..
05/24/2011 10:54 AMPosted by Azmodyan
Nice to see blizzard listening. Making normal modes a bit easier but leaving hard modes intact (at their current difficulty) is the right decision, it looks like the 4.2 fights are a bit more reasonable too, nicely done blizzard.

some of that will carry over to heroic modes unless they go out of way to add more spellids to some of those nerfed spells, which they might of, will have to data mine 4.2 and look for additional versions of stuff. that's why i really want a more comprehensive list/response on some of these changes though. such examples would be

These only have one version of spell, period, that's used in all 4 modes, to adjust one adjusts all 4.

also i'm most concerned with shadowblaze timing, will it still hit 10 seconds on heroic, it also only has 1 version of cast spell (multiple of fire on ground but it's cast they changed)
I don't have any problem with these changes. I've had my fun in T11, so it doesn't hurt me that maybe they can be used as PuG material when I'm neck deep in T12. Still, I am just trying to figure out Blizzard's reasoning here. Their stance has usually been, "content nerfs itself over time."
I don't see why everyone cares so much. For those of you who think that this is going to increase the complaining about difficulty you are nuts. I mean think about it, is there any possible way that the complaining could get any worse. Another point I would like to mention is that 359 gear will be sold for JP's. This will make gearing up for the next content easy. Finally the heroics seem to be untouched so the normal modes are really just for people to do for fun and still have a slight chalenge, I mean I know some of you think that its sooooo easy, but some people do not want to "work" at a game that is ment to be fun. And if fun for you is a chalenged then do the heroics or better yet do the new raid.
05/24/2011 09:12 AMPosted by Nethaera
10- and 25-person Normal mode raid encounters will be receiving a comprehensive set of tuning adjustments to decrease their difficulty.

Oh snaps. I somehow missed this.

So all of these changes are only for normal mode?

Well that lessons the annoyance I have at these changes... but honestly wouldn't a scaling ICC style buff have been better so that the encounters could have existed in their original format? Or add a zone buff with minor changes (that allow for an increase in reaction time... IE, more time to interrupt/react to raid wipe abilities like Blast Nova)
With the addition of a new tier of armor and weapons, we want to make the previous tier more accessible in ways other than just a shift of currency type, so we are making item level 359 gear purchasable for Justice points in the upcoming content patch..

Does this mean all the 359 gear will be buyable with justice points or just the normal stuff that's already on the vendors and T11? Already was looking forward to 4.2 for gearing up my alts more.

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