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Nerfs to 1 teir below the current teir helps your alts to gear up faster. Just sayin...
05/25/2011 09:32 AMPosted by Spy
Some people don't want their alts to be spoonfed, just sayin...

Hardly spoonfed.
This is the boat I'm in. My guild's going to finish the 4.1 content, we started very late. With these nerfs, the fights will fell less like an achievement, which is what we enjoy about raiding, overcoming challenges as a group.

It's going to feel like we're the big kid who's forced to play with the younger kids.

Do the heroic versions. There's your next challenge. If you've done the heroics or are doing them, they aren't going to be nerfed. So what's really the problem?
In some ways I agree with you.

There HAS to be challenge for people...

Everyone says FL will be "hard" it is... but what if we liked the three raids over the one?

What if I liked the overall bosses and architecture of their room?

What if I liked that you need skill to do this?

05/25/2011 09:46 AMPosted by Spy

Hardly spoonfed.

I guess we will see. If it is "hardly" these same casuals will come a runnin' back with big old tears in their eyes.

Kind of like people crying about nerfs patch after patch?
I don't know if this has already been said, but I think one reason people won't just give up on T11, or skip the older raids is that to even receive the quest for the new legendary, that person will have to have completed BoT, T4W, and BWD. I know everyone won't go for this, and some people will skip it still, but I think that that is a good requirement to make sure that people are still experiencing the earlier raids and not skipping content completely.

Edit: Grammar. :/
05/25/2011 09:50 AMPosted by Kurnea
Kind of like people crying about nerfs patch after patch?

People want to be challenged as long as it's not a personal inconvenience. Basically, people want OTHER people to be challenged.
i dont get why ppl who are at the upper end of raiding progress really need to care about those not at the upper end. I really dont, there will be new hard stuff for you to beat your head upon, what does it matter if those "lower" people dont need to grind out many many more months on content that is no longer current.

As for ppl saying they want it "hard" for thier alts. Right.. so who you planning on running outdated content with? your guilds? if you are hyper hardcore wouldnt your guild have cleared that stuff and be wanting to headbash on the current content? or get thier own alts into the current content fast, not stop, spend half a year rehashing the old grind over again?

wotlk had its flaws yes, but icc at least came out better with levels of difficulty and even the silly buff that could be toggled off rendering different stages of difficulty relevant to the group
Why bother doing the content when it is challenging when you know that its just going to be nerfed into a state where Stevie Wonder has a shot at clearing it.

Step 1: New content is released
Step 2: Wait 4 months
Step 3: ????
Step 4: Profit? (except not because its completely pointless)
This 20 page thread is new AND exciting.
05/24/2011 01:06 PMPosted by Bashiok
and then gradually allow older content to self-nerf as people gear up

With 4.2 the current Valor gear will become purchasable with Justice Points I believe.

If this is so the case, then will this step in itself allow people and guilds the ability to gear up faster. and with the better gear make the t11 raids self-nerf as you have yourself pointed out.

In my opinion I think that after 4.2 if you see that the access to better gear via Justice Points has not pushed enough players and guilds through t11 content then I would more welcome these nerfs.
I have just recently came back from a near two years break, lvled/geared up this toon to see all the fuss about cata difficulty. I am saddened by this decision from Blizzard, it makes no sense making sweeping changes to raids at this early tier.

Didn't Ghostcrawler himself says Dungeons nerfs themselves overtime as people gear up?

Isn't a few surgical nerf to assit guilds struggling much better than sweeping nerfs?

The removal of one-shot mechanics, so bad players can stand in fire and healers have to shoulder all the responsibilities again?

These nerfs are too much

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