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we've all had these, so what are some of the games you regret buying?

for me its age of conan and spore
Final Fantasy 12

I'm a huge FF nut and have been playing them since i was a small child with my first NES. FFX was one of my favorites of the series and i was waiting for the next single-player FF after 11 came out (played FFX-2 and it was amusing but nothing like what came before).

Then 12 hit...

I could go on a 5 page diatribe about everything i hated about that game, but probably the worst part was how much i WANTED to like it... if not love it. I cranked almost 40 hours into it before finally realizing how much i wanted to gouge out my eyes and understanding that i'd been fooling myself into thinking i hadn't felt that way since i picked it up. It seriously hurt Square's rep with me (and i'm a fanboi lol).

13 wasn't horrible, but wasn't a series gem. I played it once and enjoyed it *shrug* but then 14 became another horrid MMO... and i'm not sure i can bring myself to shell out money on FF15 when it comes out. After so many good games it suddenly went "mediocre MMO > worst FF of the series > mediocre single player > one of the worst MMO's ever > HEY BUY THIS ONE NOW!" (um, i think no...)

Team Fortress 2. I fell for the all the hype it got for being a Valve (overrated company) game.
Final Fantasy XIV Collector's Edition

Even though there's still no monthly subscription I refuse to stay subscribed with their 3rd party billing.
The last one I can remember buying then barely playing was the Wii Goldeneye remake (I hated the controls. Granted, that may have been because I used a gamecube controller instead of the Wiimote, and it may deserve a second chance).

Also worth mentioning were the 360 versions of Fallout 3 and Mass Effect. With Fallout 3, I disliked the console controls/aiming enough that I wound up buying the PC version off Steam. With Mass Effect, I had finished a 360 playthrough, but I figured I'd like the PC version better and I'd be wanting to buy the PC version of 2 (and I'd want to continue my storyline from 1), so I wound up rebuying it on PC when it was for sale. (I didn't get ME until long after its original launch, so I got it fairly cheap in both circumstances)
In recent memory? Crackdown 2. Prior to that, Metal Gear Solid 4. I *loved* Snake Eater and the first Crackdown game. Loathed both sequels.

Rift disappointed me greatly. I tried so hard to like that game, but after playing World of Warcraft and LOTRO (two gems, IMHO), the opportunity cost of visiting Telara again is just too high.
Cataclysm as well, it was rushed and it is showing. I recently bought Age of Conan and love it.

Besides Cataclysm, Rome Total War, and Battle Forge.
Fight Night 3, Dragon age, and Conan
Chronos Twin for the DS.

At least I got store credit when I traded it in.
Kingdom Hearts 2. How such a wonderful game (KH1) spawned such an abhorrent sequel is beyond me. I feel less human for completing the game.

Battlefield 2042. (90% remorse, 10% joy) Getting killed by engineers' crack-shot turrets, as a sniper class, while they were still too far away for my lousy computer's draw distance to render them; easy way to hate a game. On the 10% joy side: laser guided missiles with unlimited fuel.

Elder Scrolls: Morrowind. Not a bad game I suppose, but after installing it on eight separate occasions, and being completely incapable of staying interested 5 minutes past getting off the boat, I figure I shouldn't have spent the money on it.

Fable. Make character > grudgingly complete boring training intro > immediately max out Attractiveness, Scariness, and purchase the title "Arseyface", only to walk into the nearest town and find out that these have changed absolutely nothing about how NPCs react to me> uninstall forever.

But, more than any other game, I regret DIRT: Origin of the Species. It was the buggiest, most terribly designed, uninteresting crap on a CD I have ever encountered. And I gave them money for it. Shame on me.
Final Fantasy 12: Collector's Edition. It just wasn't my type of game, and I'm probably never going to touch it again. It was my final (har) try at Final Fantasy--because of it, I never bought 13.

Fable III. First was meh. Second was fantastic fun. Third was a huge step backwards, and the game finished when I felt like I should have been only a third of the way through. Incredibly underwhelming. Only real highlights were that desert dungeon you go through with your teacher, and John Cleese.

I would say Kingdom Hearts 2, but I don't regret playing it--I'm just insanely bitter about the way the plot turned. I could write a full essay on my disappointment about that game.
spore, defenetly spore
Hmm, I actually quite like Kingdom Hearts for what it is. All of them. I see it as a whole story rather than spliting the story between the games.

Ah well, to each their own.

But yeah, Chronos Twin for me. Guess I should elaborate.

Using both screens of a DS for real-time action, resulting in the player needing four eyes, was a bad design choice. Poorly implemented time travel mechanics that didn't make sense, and a bad translation job, made it worse. It felt rushed, difficult and senseless.
05/24/2011 10:27 PMPosted by Soeroah
Hmm, I actually quite like Kingdom Hearts for what it is. All of them. I see it as a whole story rather than spliting the story between the games.

I could deal with the story for what it was. Mashup disney/FF universe? Sure, what the hell, do whatever you want and I'll go with it.

It was the mechanics, the act of playing the game, that made KH2 so terrible.
Lotus turbo challenge.
The guy at the game store said to get Road Rash instead, but cars > bikes.
The Witcher
My god the combat is infuriating.
I'll date myself here..
Friday the 13th for NES (total piece of crap)
and Adventure for Atari 2600
Final Fantasy XIV Collector's Edition

Even though there's still no monthly subscription I refuse to stay subscribed with their 3rd party billing.

Seconding this. It was hyped... it looked really cool... it flopped so hard even firing all the team that ran it and bringing in new people couldn't save it. It reinforced my decision that now any MMO released will be waiting a few months before i buy it.

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