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Kingdom Hearts 1

Never got into it. I think that's about it. I usually only buy games that I think are going to be amazing.
05/24/2011 10:36 PMPosted by Chimeras
Hmm, I actually quite like Kingdom Hearts for what it is. All of them. I see it as a whole story rather than spliting the story between the games.

I could deal with the story for what it was. Mashup disney/FF universe? Sure, what the hell, do whatever you want and I'll go with it.

It was the mechanics, the act of playing the game, that made KH2 so terrible.

The one thing I've liked about all three KH games I've played is the gameplay. To me, it's great brainless fun--fast, uncomplicated combat with sparkly effects everywhere.

What got me about the second one was the plot. Even if I hadn't played the first game, I think a lot of the same things would have bugged me. To me, Sora was a really unlikeable character in the second game. I was also annoyed because KHII takes on some very dark and interesting topics, then completely backs away from taking them seriously. It had all the potential for a fantastic, blow-your-mind story--and watered it down into a "friendship trumps everything" kiddie message.

So I guess my problem was that I expected too much. At least for KHI, the plot is consistent from beginning to end.
Aww, I loved everything about KH 1 and 2. Okay, not everything. I felt that KH2 started beautifully, but the storytelling fell short in several places. It reached higher heights than KH1, but also hit some low lows. Still, I adored it.

Hmm, I can't think of a game I've regretted buying. Well, there's KOTOR: I grabbed it on Steam, but I can't play it for more than a few minutes before it randomly closes. Because it's just been sitting there, waiting for me to find a fix, I kind of regret purchasing it.
The only thing I didn't like about Kingdom Hearts was the combat. Properly timed X spam can defeat nearly any enemy. As you gain more abilities the combat just gets easier and easier. Some of the bosses are challenging, but when you can X button spam your way through the majority of a level, combat feels shallow.
Hold on. Let me get my shield out here... and pop a couple trinkets...


I mean, don't hate me but I do like the concept of going around, mining for diamond and what-not, heading off into the nether and raising hell, and building stuff that could honestly turn out to look like Mario, but I'm not that kind of guy. I understand it appeals a-lot of people, but for me...

It's just kinda of iffy for me.

Not the game itself, but the in-game store. Spent $20 on some stupid items and regretted it ever since.

Seriously. Five minutes later I was staring at my monitor thinking "dear god what did I just do!?"
Demon's Souls.

Watch this video and you'll understand why. Best review ever.
Any spyro game past 3.

Demon's Souls.

Watch this video and you'll understand why. Best review ever.

My god that was the funnest %#!!ing thing I have ever seen.
And to add to my list, TF2.
Mafia II would be my most recent bad buy.
Mount & Blade with Fire & Sword. I absolutely loved Mount & Blade Warband. Was it slow? Yes. Was the AI kinda brainded? Indeed. But it was fun. The idea of takin a bunch of ragtag villagers and turnin them into an efficient fightin force was great or you could make yourself a female and go around freein female peasents from captivity and turn eventually turn them into a deadly army of Sword Sisters that mowed down the competition. With Fire & Sword broke all that by gettin rid of the ability to recruit villagers (you only get the option to free peasants that cant level up or hire mercenaries) and while the inclusion of guns was great at first, it just turned large scale fightin into an even bigger mess by turnin your crack team of fully kitted out companions and army into a heap of nothin after a single volley from the enemy. Factual? Yes. It kinda makes anythin other than cavalry and rifleman pointless though.

Outside of that though? Civilization V. It just feels so....shallow...compared to IV. Plus more braindead AI issues in that than you can shake a stick at. Watchin an army that dwarfs my own 4 to 1 putz around outside my borders while I'm at war with them is...disappointin at best considerin some of the terrible situations I got into with an army half my size in Civ IV.
Call of Duty: Black Ops

I loved MW2 and played it up until BlOps release, and I soooo wanted BlOps to be an improved upon version ofMW2, and instead I got a big steaming pile of turd where my $60 once was....
blazing angels 2 and master of orion 3 (oh how terrible)
I'm trying to think, I've certainly bought bad games, but it's been quite some time that I've every spent more than $20 on a game I wasn't sure would be worth it. I suppose DA2 would've been better if I bought it on sale, perhaps.
Marvel vs Capcom 3: Collector's Edition.
The game itself is excellent, but the CE was a total waste. The only thing worth owning from it was the extra characters, which were available for $5 each.
blazing angels 2 and master of orion 3 (oh how terrible)

oh sweet god how could i ever forget Master of Orion 3...

MoO2 was/is one of my FAVORITE computer games of all time. I've beaten it on the highest difficulty with nearly every race and started doing custom races just for kicks. To this day i still have my original CD and, yes, i even messed with it enough to get it to run in windows 7 lol (for context to those that don't know, its a win95 game that had a DoS version :P).

I also own MoO, the original. Its decent for its time but wasn't spectacular. MoO2 was huge.

Then MoO3 hit... wtf man lol. You could have easily slapped any title on it and it would have worked... it was a horrible, convoluted and un-fun space strategy game that sucked even after you took the week to figure it out. And it had virtually NOTHING to do with the original 2 orion games past some of the races.

So... yea... that game is a sore spot here too lol... and i paid 50 friggen dollars for it the first day it came out... /grumble
Age of Conan
Warhammer Online
Star Wars Galaxies
Pirates of the Burning Sea
Everquest 2

And that's just MMOs.

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