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Call of Duty Black Ops

I gave in to the hype, and regretted. Deeply regretted it.

I liked CoD4. I even liked MW2 minus all the exploits and ridiculous kill streaks. But I despised CoD3 and WaW. So basically, for me, Infinity Ward = Good. Treyarch = Bad.

Why didn't I make the connection!? I knew it was being made by Treyarch, but after watching gameplay and seeing some commercials... I thought to myself "Hey, this one actually looks pretty good. I'll pick this up and have some fun with my buddies." So I went to pick the game up on release day, got home, and went online to have some fun with my friends.

I tried. I tried so hard to. But I couldn't. It felt... worse than MW2. Like a downgrade. In almost every concievable way imo. The weapons looked and felt boring... The gameplay itself felt off to me, and the audio was absolutely horrible. I called Gamestop the next day to see how much I could get if I traded it back in right away. I ended up holding on to it for a short while just to beat the campaign to get the story. It was very meh imo. I didn't even touch the game after that for about a month. Then I finally traded it in towards Dead Space 2. Which turned out to be a very fantastic and quality game.

Call me crazy, but I swear that if you were to take both Black Ops and MW2 and put gameplay from both side by side and have someone who's never seen or heard of a CoD game before try to figure out which one was the sequel, I bet they'd say MW2. Okay sure, Black Ops seemed to be a little bit more balanced than MW2, but in the end, it still didn't help the game for me when it was so boring.

Scribblenauts -> Zero Punctuation review felt like therapy.
Chibi Robo - Park Patrol -> Oh... that dreadful record player... >.<

And a love/hate thing for Puzzle Quest. Outsmarting a cheatin' NPC through playing dirty only lasts so long.
i have buyers remorse after every single monthly payment of wow.

-then quit? qq nub.

ah yes. i thought of that, then i got bored and needed to kill something

so i killed my goldfish and ate him.

joke was on me because i had forgotten my cousin had gotten me a rubber goldfish instead of a real one, leading to serious complications over the next 4 hours of it's passing.

so while i waited for that, i subbed to wow again, succumbing to its vast horribleness.
Final Fantasy XIV collectors edition, for the full price of $79.99. The state of the game should have barely been considered alpha stage.

Square can burn in a fire.
My GTX 670. The average frames are right where I expected them to be by looking at the benchmarks. The dips are not what I expected and I should have ponied up the extra hundred bucks and gone for a superclocked 680 or a 7970
meh, there were 2 posts before mine and it is a topic that doesn't really go out of date. People will always be buying new shiny things and often they will be not quite as shiny as expected
the new SimCity.......don't think I need to say more than that

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