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So just a clearer distinction between issues requiring resolution, versus clarification or advice to a situation then... As long as there isn't any impact on how frequently we see communication on these forums, that's cool in my book.
Well, if you head over to check it out, you get a better idea. Click "ASK A QUESTION" and it gives you several options:

> I can’t play at all because…
> I can play but something’s wrong
> I have an issue with my account or with payment/billing
> I want to report someone…

Each expands with sub-options as well as recommended support articles.

In fact, the ability to report in-game things like naming and chat violations may make this form rather quick and easy, especially if we can have as many opened at once as necessary to have one per report.
Its essentially taking the place of emailing Blizzard support, and providing a more secure method by which one can communicate with a rep, short of phoning in. I like it. :D
I'll reserve final judgment until I've had a chance to actually use it, but it seems like this is a one-stop-shop for opening a support ticket, regardless of the kind of help.

Conceptually, it's a very good idea.
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I'll reserve final judgment until I've had a chance to actually use it, but it seems like this is a one-stop-shop for opening a support ticket, regardless of the kind of help.

Conceptually, it's a very good idea.

Heh. If they wait on me to actually USE it for input from me.... hell will have frozen over first. The only tickets I ever put in are inappropriate toon name ones. And I certainly wouldn't go out of game to do that. I'd use email first. Faster....
I really think this is gonna be a good thing. :D Mad props to Blizz on this!!! <3
Will this replace ? It's not a bad site but I sometimes wonder if the articles are being updated to remain relevant to changes in the game.
This is a great idea, but I would like to express some concerns about attaching this nifty (and needed) new feature(s) to these forums. Unless there is a plan to bring more resources to bear, this will end up being yet another cool whizzbang feature that fails due to the many problems of our beloved forums. In conclusion, I love the idea, but honestly wish you folks would spend more time making this a more stable platform.

This is actually not very different from the old email support (which is likely still available) from a logistics point-of-view. However, on the user end, this integrates all the different support methods into a single system, allowing users to check on tickets themselves. It also means the system is less dependent on email providers not sending the emails to the spam folder. I think it will be of great assistance, but it'll hardly revolutionize the support system.
The Cataclysm has just begun...
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Now that's what I'm talking about. ACCOUNTABILITY

I have a strange feeling I won't be getting anymore of those, "Sorry I missed you..." closed ticket answers while I was standing around Org, wide awake, staring at the screen in disbelief.
What impact, if any, will this have on the way the CSF forums operate?

You all aren't going to suddenly poof when more accessible communication is readily available, are you?!

God I hope so! That forum is nothing but troll-haven city for every holier-than-thou jerk in this game. I HATE IT!

Worst POS Blizz every thought up. It's a coffee room to suck up to people who should be doing their work and encourages beating up on people that aren't of their ilk. It's been a clique for too long and I wouldn't shed any tears to see it go. It should. No one I know will post a question there for fear of being the next target.

CSF is probably the reason for all the tickets that never get answered. Sure, they'll say no, but I think otherwise. Also, if it worked so well I can't see the need for this type of mixed ticket/forum accountability. Someone at the top isn't so dumb.

While not all of the coffee-dwellers are sarcastic snobs, too many of them are and it goes unchecked. Forum tickets are a good move. Removes the players butting in where they don't belong. Half of the stuff in that section is none of their business anyway.
Looking forward to this, been having a lot of problems with tickets lately ..

It's as if the first one was the only useful, well timed ticket you'll have. The rest after that are are pretty bad
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definitely a good and welcome change, in a more formal e-mail style of service. This should help when I report BG-bots you get the immediate response of a GM.... in 5-10 business days-ish,
Don't get me wrong GM's are great, he said something along the lines of "Thank you for bringing it to our attention, we will investigate the incident."
bots are paying customers too, so after all that wednesday EotS same druid on follow right off the cliff :) Good times and good day sir.
Phone support?

I pray you guys hire Vampires. Cause your never gonna sleep now.

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