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05/25/2011 07:17 AMPosted by Plggy
I lol'd at this, total bs haha

Actualy, this is something that will benifit about 75% of the users who come here.

Many of the people who come to this forum.. are asking a question which is covered under the choices on that page... and most of them DEMAND A BLUE POST.

You want an actualy answer from a blizz person, instead of us CSF regulars giving you the same answer, you will get it. Sure there will be a ticket time, it will not be instant, but neither is the forums.

If people want an answer straight from blizz on something, this will be the thing for you.
should be very helpful to the community.
Some of the issues need to be forwarded to the game designers is there going to be a mechanism for that. The forums are cumbersome. I have been looking for a way to start a string under the guild area without any success.
My issue is with the new feature that allows people to request to join a guild. You have a deny option but no acceptance option and it is really hard to connect to the people making the request. Perhaps there could be a feature that quickly accesses the information on the character as well. Thank you
There is no way currently, even with the new page, to submit stuff to the developers directly.

You just have to create a post, under the most appropriate forum. While 99% of the time you will not get a blue posting in the thread, they have stated MANY times that ALL threads are read. Its up to them if they actualy use the sugestion or not.
o.O I don't know how some of these replies have come to the conclusion that this is a forum feature or has anything to do with the forum at all. There is no mention of 'forum tickets' or anything similar. The forum and its significance to support remains unchanged. It's still a message board for getting help from players and staff. Traffic to it is most likely to remain completely unchanged.

This doesn't appear at all to be some system for privately pinging a forum moderator for questions. It just looks like, basically, a fancy personal record keeper for when you open a GM ticket, email (or use the 'ask a question button), or phone to blizz- which is pretty neat, imo, because I like to look back on old communications.
Darthzemo, in order to create a new thread, use this link (as covered in this sticky -
05/24/2011 04:42 PMPosted by Eilethalua
This looks like a very interesting and useful way for those asking about things better kept private to discuss them.

Agreed! I'm sure there is many topics others would prefer to keep private. Also, It does seem a lot better than having to wait for an e-mail to arrive in your inbox, as we are communicating with Blizzard right thru their own support network now.

Hopefully this will avoid many future accounts getting compromised, because we are all aware that lots of phishing e-mails do go out daily to players around the world that seem legit when they are not.

Excellent idea this is though, and the ticket system seems the best way to go for discussing issues with Blizzard if you opt to not use the in-game support network. =)
My understanding is that they are actualy part and parcel the same system :) Your in game tickets will be right there. So you could actualy SEE the process of your ticket on that site say while your at work and maybe cant access wow :D Plus put in other tickets, etc without having to enter the game if you dont want.
I'm just glad this isn't a "premium" feature. When I saw the announcement, no offense, I was kind of afraid it would be since the "Cross Realm grouping with friends" is. Not to drag that into here. :)
05/27/2011 07:35 PMPosted by Ruzzle
I'm just glad this isn't a "premium" feature. When I saw the announcement, no offense, I was kind of afraid it would be since the "Cross Realm grouping with friends" is. Not to drag that into here. :)

Yes, I am also pleased that this feature added isn't a "premium" as Blizzard did state "Premium Features" would be coming in the future. I'll probably get the "Premium" stuff anyways, but it is nice to know, this will be available to all account holders. =)
This should reduce the whole "It's a busy day for!" thing every tuesday morning. Very good idea.
I took a tour of the site and I have to say it is vastly superior to the in-game method, especially for folks having problems getting in-game in the first place.

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