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Not to be a ass but i think the only reason people hate Cataclysm is because its to hard for the people when they ask for a chengle sorry for the spelling. but Warth of the Lich king was hard for people that started in the middle of it like i did but i didnt think it was "as hard" it just takes time and efort to put in and time like me i still go to school but i try to do my best. So please repley on the topic and discouse what you think is better WoTLK or Cata. thank you for your time have a nice day :D
I find both to be rather similar in difficulty as far as heroic dungeons and normal raids are concerned. People complaining about Wrath being too easy or Cataclysm being too hard look like drama queens to me.
I like Cata, it was hard at first, but it's easy now. When I first hit 80 in WoTLK during Naxx, I found that hard too. I have enjoyed every expansion, and I will continue to enjoy future expansions.

I haven't cleared the first Tier of Cataclysm raiding, but I do plan on finishing at least one of the three raids before Firelands, maybe two.

Cata was a step in the right direction, I cannot wait to see what Blizz has in store for the next year and a half of Cataclysm.
good point i cant wait to see if they do a new expansions
Wrath, Cataclysm feels unfinished to me. Besides, Wrath had challenge, nobody just bothered to take it.
i chose cata because just google it lmao
05/24/2011 04:07 PMPosted by Pallymonkey
when they ask for a chengle

A what?
it was all good til ToC when you got good gear from those emblems. after that got easy and everyone was geared. about the same with cata now after you done H's you can get good gear from just randoms. you don't really have to work hard for your gear anymore. I can go from new 85 to very good pvp gear in about a week or two, same price as it was when cata first came out so just w8 and you can be super geared lol, i mean come on make some requirement so you go from like 359-365-370 or whatever it is.
T11 >>> T7
T12 = T9 <<< T8
T13 < T10

Edit: Oh, it's a necro.
7 Month old thread btw
wrath > cata
cata just doesnt seem unique to me, gameplay is fine. i'd really love it if they gave the option to play old content at the new level cap so im not steam rolling what used to be a fun dungeon

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