[H] Ajantis 6/7 Heroic 25s LFM.

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Bump because Mushin is old.
Death Knight - DD (High)
Druid - Resto (Low)
Druid - Balance (High)
Paladin - Holy (High)
Paladin - Retribution (High)
Priest - Holy/Disc (Medium)
Priest - Shadow (Medium)
Rogue (Medium)
Shaman - Resto (High)
Warlock (High)
also MT
wtb tanks
come on we know all mages like to tank don't we >.<

you lot better stay strong as 25 man for the rest of this tier, i know they made it a !@#$% for 25s but with any luck it should even out in the next tier

Dont forget to update this Mushin!
Bump for being 4/7.

WTB Better recruitment officer. :D
Bump for kewl RP shizzz

Is there a spot for a mage ? avaialble everyday at anytime. looking for raids and more raids!
put in an application on our website and find out :)
09/19/2011 01:06 PMPosted by Khalessi

/cast Spell Reflection
09/19/2011 06:22 PMPosted by Midi

/cast Spell Reflection

/cast Mage Ward
/Obliterate with 123807434k Arcane Blast

I won.
You forgot Frost Nova, I can't QQ on the warrior forums unless you Frost Nova.
Warrior forums? Everyone QQ's on our forums!
bump for holy pally

Dumples is ronery

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