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This may not be the right place, blues please relocate if needed.

I haven't researched spawn rates, but that's only half the battle. You have to contend with other players camping. I swear the following is true, and to all you still on the hunt, please forgive me.

I posted this first a little while ago in a thread about Hunter stable slots in the Hunter forum:

How about at lvl 85 hunters get 10 more slots?

I too enjoy seeking the rare and unique pets of Azeroth. In fact, that's why I came to the boards right now. So I'm doing my usual sweep through Sholazar, I deleted cache before starting the game. I come up on one of the spots that overlaps Loque & Krush, then start camping.

I'm fairly high up looking down, when I see something out of place. I go down to see, and it's Loque! No NPC alert?!?! My NPC scan has never failed before, now I'm nervous.

Anyway, finally bagged him after about two months. Got the spirit bear last week (on quick flyby-no camp), Skoll is next.

Had to come back here and report... no need for me to be nervous about my NPC Scan, it works just fine. And my apologies, Skoll wasn't next.

When I tamed Loque, I hearthed out to show him off. I forgot my Oracle egg, so I went back. There are two rares left for me to bag in Sholazar, so I made another lap around for grins.

Boom goes the dynamite... KING KRUSH

So to summarize, *hand on Bible*:

Server time... 5:00am (+/- 10 min)
I was hovering where Loque overlaps Krush (NPC Overlay-highly recommended), had been there less than 10 minutes, saw something out of place on the ground, went down to see and was shocked, tamed Loque using freeze trap ez-pezi, my NPC Scan did NOT give an alert.

Server time... 7:00am (+/- 10 min) ON THE SAME DAY!!!
On my first lap around (no camping), NPC Scan hits, felt bold so tamed Krush the old fashioned way... just stand there and take it, ez-pezi.

I started putting in "serious" time camping both these coveted hunter pets about two months ago. Actually I would camp the overlap spots probably no more than 30 minutes at a time, then make a couple laps around. I tried to login every day to do this routine, and only missed a few days.

In these last 8 weeks I've never seen Loque. I've seen Krush only once, as another player was taming him. I felt lucky just to witness that, especially after reading many tales of camping hell in these forums.

So now I feel luckier than <insert clean joke here>
Congrats on your new pets.

I was helping a friend try to get Loque and every time I saw Loque, my friend had just logged off! I did help him train the new spirit looking wolf in Twilight Highlands and he's been pretty pleased since.
I know I'm stretching credibility here, but while I was buying my Oracle egg I picked up the dailies. On my way to turn them in... NPC Scan pops for Aotona. I started taming, but didn't know about the knock-back. So I trapped it and tamed ez-pezi.

So, to summarize again:
Tamed Loque, King Krush, and Aotona... within 4 hours on the same day.

I've used up my WoW luck for the next year >_<

Later, I'm off to the "Create a new Acheivement" thread.
Needed to update... and again all you campers, forgive me.

Just now killed Vyragosa, and tamed Skoll, within 4 minutes.

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